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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Outside Thoughts - by Adam Brook

     “OK, here we go. I waited until the very last minute ( my editor knows that I went past the deadline.... Thanks you Sweet Lips) to turn this column in. I was really twisted up about what I was going to write about. Over the last few weeks I have received multiple phone calls asking me if I had any influence over this person and that person....Being 6ft 4in and 270lbs and a former bouncer, I can influence just about anyone I know, but I don’t think that is what these people meant. The funny thing is that I agree with many of these people on the subject of activists being out of control. I can’t tell you how many time over my 20+ year career as an activist I have heard of people misrepresenting themselves and who they may or may not represent. There are also the people with grand ideas who don’t want to listen to those of us who have done this before and they just want to keep trying to reinvent the wheel......

Summer Activities in the Rocky Mountain High - by Citizen Jay

    Before you know it this summer will be over.  With all of the hashy happenings going on it can be difficult to plan your weedy activities effectively.  So if you’re planning on coming out to the Mile HIGH State this summer for some good old fashioned American fun here are a few of the incredible events going on in the Centennial State.


     It was terrifying to find out that the turn in day for this year’s petitions has been bumped forward to July 29! This is “plenty of time” IF we make a clear plan and implement it every day.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ask Dr. Beth - by Dr. Beth Fisher

Dr. Beth Fisher is the Chief Creative Officer for Senior Medical Cannabis. Senior Medical Cannabis provides seniors with a wide range of information and supports relating to Cannabis; legal/legislative, medical, 
political, and social issues. She is on the HempWorks radio show on Fridays at 2:00 p.m. on the 
Time4Hemp radio station

To ask Dr. Beth a question, email her at

Dear Dr. Beth:

I am a registered patient; I use Cannabis for my glaucoma. My best friend of 20 years thinks that I have my medical card for fun and she always wants me to share my medicine with her. She says that it’s no big deal to share and yet sees me without my medicine. 

How do I keep my medicine AND my friend? 

Sincerely, Gladys from Gladwin

Marijuana: Gateway to Health - Book Report part 2 - by Chuck Ream

Part 2: The Fall and Rise of Medical Marijuana

“This book should be required reading for all medical professionals, elected officials, 
and everyone interested in health and wellness”.  
-Dr. Andrew Weil

“Gateway to Health” explains the latest science about the vast usefulness of cannabis as medicine. 
Then it details how that immense potential was hijacked, showing “just how cruel and 
counterproductive federal marijuana policy is”  
-Dr. Weil

MacDonald’s of Marijuana - by Ben Horner

Investors want the distribution rights to 
Michigan’s Emerging Medical Marijuana Program

     Lansing- The Michigan Senate Committee on Government Operations is considering the bills (HB 4271 and 5104) that would legalize dispensaries around the state, ending the four year debate on safe transfers of medical marijuana. When these bills pass, it will allow dispensaries and the production of infused marijuana edibles and concentrates to be licensed by any municipality that approves them. Investment groups like ArcView from California and Colorado have met with several Michigan cannabis dispensary owners who are seeking capital investors and strategic partners. Large-scale commercial medical marijuana warehouses in Detroit are working with several dispensary owners on a joint-venture to research potential markets. Their hopes are to use these new laws, also known as the local option, for medical marijuana to influence municipalities to give them sole distribution rights.

It’s Not About the Money, It’s About the Cure - by Alex Hinson

      The Cannabis Cancer Project, a Michigan based group that promotes the Rick Simpson mission to bringing this miraculous God given cannabis oil to the people of this world to stop the growth of cancer. Through education on growing for patients and the collaboration of help to create R.S.O available, numerous terminal cancer patients have been given not only more time at life, but also hope for the future. Doug, a patient of the Cannabis Cancer Project, is a direct product of what can happen with the help of a plant oil to see his first grandchild someday.