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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Michigan News for April 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

Traffic Stop Leads to Possession and Weapons Charges
Owosso: A man from Owosso was arrested in Indiana this month after a routine traffic stop led to the discovery of 2 loaded handguns, over a pound of marijuana, and more than 200 pieces of paraphernalia. Police in Indiana contacted Michigan police, who searched the man’s home in Owosso and found a large grow operation consisting of more than 36 plants and 100 grams of processed flowers. He will be held in Indiana on charges of possession with intent to sell, possession of a handgun without a license, and possession of paraphernalia before being turned over to the Michigan State Police. 

A Visit With State Senator Patrick Colbeck - by Tim Beck

     I had the opportunity last week to commiserate with Republican State Senator Patrick Colbeck at a GOP/libertarian dinner meeting at the “Huron River Hunting and Fishing Club” in Oakland County.

     Senator Colbeck, a former aerospace engineer, is said to be a rock ribbed “Tea Party” conservative, whose pet hatred appears to be taxes. In addition, he doesn’t seem to like cannabis either. That is a real problem for medical patients and canna business owners who would like to have statewide safe access to dispensaries. His perspective does not bode well for leaders of groups like MI Legalize, who would like to see legalization of cannabis on the ballot in 2016.

National News for April 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

Ohio’s Attorney General Rejects Proposed Amendment
Ohio: A proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution was rejected by Attorney General Mike DeWine this month citing two defects with the summary language of the petition. The amendment attempted to legalize marijuana in the state for medical and industrial use. The petition, titled “Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Amendment”, was submitted by a legal counsel representing the petitioners who gathered 1,000 valid signatures. AG DeWine, however, stated the defects in the language were: “1. it omits references to proposed amendment language that industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis shall be researched, regulated, and promoted by the State in a manner substantially similar to other agricultural crops. And 2. The summary language states that the proposed amendment provides the right to a fair and transparent licensing process for cannabis-related commerce and provides equal opportunity for access, ownership, and employment for all Ohio citizens who have attained the age of 21 years old. However, the proposed amendment establishes the age limitation only on licensing and not on receiving equal opportunity to access, ownership, and employment.” DeWine stated in a letter to petitioners, “For these reasons, I am unable to certify the summary as a fair and truthful statement of the proposed amendment.”

World News for April 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

One Year for Two Grams
Somalia: Abdirahman Aden Mohamud, a 21 year-old man, was sentenced to one year and two months imprisonment after attempting to sell marijuana to a plain clothes officer three days prior. Mohamud approached the officer and offered the drugs. He was immediately searched, where two grams of cannabis were found on his person, and charged with trafficking marijuana as it was not for personal use. The court recommended his sentenced to be served at Mount Carmel Hospital for mental health treatment instead of the Corradino correctional facility and also ordered Mohamud to pay €1,000.

GROW TIP: Homemade CO2 - by Ben Horner

     Plants need both full spectrum light sources and carbon dioxide to perform the essential process of photosynthesis. For larger grow rooms, supplement CO2 requires measured releases supplied. CO2 generators work by burning propane or natural gas and produce some unwanted heat. Compressed CO2 in large bulk containers produces no heat, but the tanks are heavy and bulky and need to be refilled often.

V.G.I.P. UPDATE - by Ben Horner

Michigan by 50% to 40% Backs Recall of Governor Rick Snyder; State Favors Legalization of Marijuana 54% to 39%

FLINT- Multiple petitions to recall Governor Snyder and legalize cannabis have been approved for circulation.  According to recent Survey USA Poll commissioned by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Report, Cannabis Stakeholders Group and Abrogate Prohibition Michigan, Michiganders would support both recalling Rick Snyder and to legalize marijuana.

Free The Weed 61 - by John Sinclair

     Highest greetings from Chicago, on my way by train from New Orleans to Grand Rapids for the 11th Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference, and then on to Detroit for a special occasion next week when the Kresge Foundation honors my ex-wife and mother of my children, the great photographer Leni Sinclair, as Detroit’s Eminent Artist of 2016.

     This is quite an honor as she joins other old friends of mine, the poet and playwright Bill Harris and the late trumpet great Marcus Belgrave, in this select pantheon of eminent creative artists of Detroit. Leni’s photographic contributions to the cultural history of Detroit date back more than 50 years to the creation of the Detroit Artists Workshop, where we collaborated with Bill Harris and other poets like Robin Eichele, George Tysh, and James Semark, musicians Charles Moore, Ron English and Danny Spencer, painters Ellen Phelan, Howard Weingarden, and Larry Weiner, and a host of creative individuals to establish our own place in the heart of the city and develop an audience for our work in art.