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Monday, September 8, 2014

FRACKING IN MICHIGAN? - by Rick Weller, Founder of Organically Done Plant Products

     I want to discuss what’s currently going on in Michigan relative to hydraulic fracturing or, what is more commonly known as fracking. Why is a guy who owns an organic fertilizer company talking about the oil industry? Well, I do have some past experience in the industry and I believe that there is a significant environmental risk involved in this process. I’ll go back to organic growing issues next time.

Outside Thoughts - by Adam Brook

     WOW...As I write this the National Guard is being called into Ferguson.......

Happy I am safe here in Oakland County, MI.

     As many of you have heard, we saw flooding in this area that was unprecedented. So why would I bring it up? A two reasons...#1 SAFTEY – If you have a grow, have all your electrical done by a licensed electrician. My buddy called me all excited because his leak alarm went off, he went into his grow to find water on the floor. However his water was coming up from the drain not out of his hydro set up....The first thing he did was go to his in room circuit breaker and kill the power to the room...He was able to get his plants upstairs before they were impacted. Then he described a mad dash to unhook lights and ballasts and get them upstairs as the water kept rising.......Why was my buddy excited? I had suggested to him that he have my buddy do his electrical. As a master electrician he does everything to code. So one push of a button and the grow room with 2 inches of water on the floor was not an electrical hazard.....#2 There will be a shortage of weed in this area with all the crops that were lost. If you have a mother plant, CLONES CLONES CLONES.......

When Stoners Congregate - by Citizen Jay

     On any given day in any given city you can find tokers together doing their thing.  Cannabis has many benefits; one of these is the power to bring people together.  Where cannabis is forbidden, those who enjoy its benefits do so clandestinely—in the shadows.  But they still do it together.  Friends listening to music on a sunny afternoon.  Brothers fishing together on the creek.  Patients meet to discuss their ailments and treatments.  It’s a natural thing.


Well, after 47 years, maybe they write articles.
     Huge numbers of Americans began smoking pot in the late 1960’s. Despite plenty of reputable previous evidence to the contrary, the US government was still certain there was something bad about marijuana. They were eager to fund long term (longitudinal) research on very heavy users.

     In Jamaica there was a population of long term high volume “ganja” smokers who fit the bill.  During the early 70’s the National Institute of Mental Health commissioned the “Jamaica Study” to compare mostly Rastafarian (religious) puffers with non-potheads. 

Asymmetry: is it normal for my plant to lose it's symmetry? - by Drew Dorr, Geneticist, Pure Michigan Genetics, LLC

      Most of the time, when you plant seeds or grow from seeds the plants will have 100% of their genetic abilities. Usually, it will grow 100% asymmetrical with real distinctive characteristics on their leaves and stems, along with (usually) a higher yield and a better overall product as far as resin or turpine amounts. The older the plant gets, typically the less likely this asymmetry is going to keep happening. 

Pheno Selection - by Drew Dorr, Geneticist, Pure Michigan Genetics, LLC

       When creating your own strain from seed, you always want to make sure you choose the mother and father plants that have the dominant recessive traits you are looking for. What this means is, just like in people, plants pass along certain traits as well. If a father has red hair and real pale skin and the mother is blonde with pale skin, chances are the kid is going to be blonde or redhead with pale skin. If pale skin is what you are going for in a child then I suppose you would try to find a partner that has pale skin as well.

This is the same in plants. 

Free The Weed 42 - by John Sinclair

          Highest greetings from Amsterdam for the last time this summer. I’ll be spending a month in London to serve as a judge for the Dopefiend Cup at an undisclosed location at the end of August and play a concert in the Speigeltent at Canary Wharf in mid-September with a great British jazz ensemble called The Founder Effect.