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Friday, March 13, 2015

Grow tip Venting from your Furnace -by Ben Horner

    Many home growers struggle with finding a way to properly ventilate their grow rooms. Most professionals complete room volume calculations and inline fans for air intake and exhaust. 

Hand Held Vaping Improved -by Ben Horner

    Over the years we have seen many vaporizers come onto the market, but few that are very impressive. Many medical marijuana patients need smokeless alternatives. Edibles are great, but only vaping can deliver THC and the rest of the medicine in the plant as fast as smoking. 

Driving the Pineapple Express: Criminalizing Your Right to Transport Medical Marihuana -by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

     As I said in the February 2015 issue, government actors constantly attempt to violate your right to self-determination. Consider the attempts by government actors to persecute people who use medical marihuana.  You must fight for your rights, simply because people who desire to violate your rights, in order to control you, exist.  

Free the Weed 48 -by John Sinclair

    Contemplating the 50th anniversary of my joining the marijuana legalization movement in January 1965, it’s sobering to note that the movement’s vivid origins in the beatnik poetry community have been nearly obliterated by the passage of time and the process of NORMLization that took effect in the 1970s.

Will Legalized Commercial Growing Kill the Caregiver? -by Ben Horner

     Phillip K. Dick, author of Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly, in 1962 published his Hugo award winning novel, Man in the High Castle, which depicted packs of marijuana cigarettes for sale at the corner store like any other branded consumer product. Decades later, Dick’s vision of decriminalized mainstream sales and production of cannabis is a very real possibility. As states legalize adult use of marijuana, existing medical marijuana providers fear that the emergence of state regulated commercial growing companies will force them out of the market and the state and federal government will regulate away their rights to grow.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Few Thoughts... -by Drew Dorr

     Over the many years of my relationship with Mary Jane, one thing worthy of mention that I have observed is that her effects, more often than not, leave me feeling somewhat less than productive. In other words, sometimes it makes me feel like a lazy piece of shit, if I may. And although this may not always hold completely true, most of the time when one overstimulates their body with too much THC, laziness, hunger, confusion, absent-mindedness, fatigue, empty bank accounts from binging on Taco Bell and Budweiser, or any other potential “negative” (inconvenient, perhaps?) side effect of consuming cannabis, can be amplified to, at times, exponential degrees. And though the effects of cannabis may, at the right dosages, seem to sharpen and elevate the senses, it may be possible to experience the more “inconvenient” side effects of cannabis while being completely and wholly unaware as to their occurrence. 

Medical Marihuana is Legal in Michigan. Why Are Patients and Caregivers Still being Persecuted? -by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

     The voters of the State of Michigan expressed their desire to provide for the use medical marihuana. Yet, the government is still prosecuting marihuana patients. Government actors do not recognize your right to self-determination. There are prosecutors who simply do not care about the MMMA, or local ordinances decriminalizing marihuana. Exhibiting their bigotry of marihuana users, and desire to force their own beliefs on others, they continue to prosecute patients and caregivers.