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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

MMM Report Feature Artist: Kellerville - by Hemptress Jolene

     Kellerville is the Petoskey folk duo made up of cousins Holly Keller and Lee Dyer.   Describing their work as both real and imagined, they are fun to watch as well as being great songwriters.  Growing up here on the shores of Northern Michigan, I have watched Keller’s music career grow and blossom. 

IDK FARMS Helping Patients, One Seed at a Time

    Growers looking to get award winning genetics need look no further than IDK Farms. IDK Farms is dedicated to providing the seeds needed to grow the top strains. They have won numerous awards for their work, including an award for best CBD flower at the High Times Cannabis Cup. High CBD strains are becoming increasingly important in the medical marijuana industry as the compound is full of medical benefits, yet does not cause the ‘high’ associated with high THC medication.

My Castle, My Outdoor Fortress - By Daniel L. Price, Esquire

Last month I wrote that you are the King of your castle, and that you should assert your rights to privacy.  These rights apply to everything, including your property outside your home.  You do not have to let police officers inspect your home or your land without a warrant. 

A Quick Look at Strains - by Veronica Dean

     Every day new strains are being introduced here in Michigan, as well as in other parts of the world. Often, strains are cross-bred in order to keep particular characteristics. This process has lead us to the look, aroma, and taste we enjoy most. Some favorites include Blue Dream, White Widow, and Pineapple Express. Hybridization has even lead to the rebirth of CBD dominant strains, such as Cannatonic. However, Landrace strains have secluded themselves in different areas of the world for long periods of time. A landrace strain by definition is a strain that has never been bred and has grown isolated in the wild. Some of these forefather strains include Acapulco Gold of Southwest Mexico, Thai natively from Thailand, and Maui Waui originally found in the volcanic soil of Hawaii.

Two Rallies, One Cup - by Citizen Jay

     You’d think it’d be the sights and sounds that draw the faithful to the annual High Times Cannabis Cup.  But it’s really the anticipation…

     For those who’ve never attended one, the buildup and hype associated with the annual smoking event is enough to generously stoke the fires of curiosity.  For decades, the High Times Cannabis Cup could only be attended by those with the means to get themselves to Amsterdam.  That’s a far cry for most Americans…and I’m not just talking about the distance.  So now that the Cup has come to the U.S., it is more accessible to everyone.  In fact, there are now several High Times Cannabis Cups that take place annually around the USA with more fated to appear as more States continue to turn pro.

      As always, the 4/20 holidayz brought the crews from High Times to Denver.  This was my third year attending the event, so I kinda knew what to expect.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have my own fair share of heated expectancy.  It’s the people I get excited to see.

Got Meds - by Ben Horner

     Got Meds is a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in which patients can pick up their much needed medication safely. The donation-based organization is dedicated to every patient walking through the door, making sure that they are able to receive one on one time with the “pharmacist” to find the medication that will work best for their ailment.

Fight Back & Win with MiLegalize - by Chuck Ream

     Will we let massive money monopolize marijuana in Michigan? Or can we win cannabis freedom with MILegalize?

     Michigan cannabis law reform leaders met Feb. 8 to plan for the next two years. During this meeting the idea of a comprehensive cannabis ballot initiative came into being. Why not reform all aspects of cannabis policy, - legalization, medical, and hemp! Why not do it all and do it right?  We could even win the farmers vote!  We realized we could create an initiative that would: