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Friday, December 12, 2014

Colloidal Silver: The Do’s And The Don’ts -by Drew Dorr of Pure Michigan Genetics

       When trying to make a feminized strain I have found that the best method is to use colloidal silver to turn a clone of the strain into a male. Colloidal Silver when made properly and used properly can change the genetics of a female marijuana plant so that it will grow male pollen satchels instead of female bud calyxes. These pollen satchels do not contain the male Y chromosome because they are on a female marijuana plant and are made of female genetics and chromosomes XX. So when these genetics land on another female marijuana plant they produce female seeds. 
       So what exactly is colloidal silver?

World News -by MMM Staff

Santiago, Chile
      In Chile, consumption of marijuana is legal, but growing, selling, or transporting it is illegal and carries a penalty of up to five years in jail. The laws haven’t stopped a group of about 100 parents, named Mama Cultiva or “Mama Grow”, who have begun to grow their own and “share knowledge about cultivating marijuana to extract cannabis oil”. A majority of the parents in this group have children that suffer from seizures they use the oil to ease the intensity and frequency of the seizures.

MOSTLY VICTORY: 2014 Election Results -by Chuck Ream

     Thanks and congratulations to every person who helped
carry the torch of cannabis freedom forward! We won on Nov. 4, 2014 in Saginaw - pop. 50,790, Mount Pleasant – pop. 26,016, Berkley –pop. 14,070, Port Huron – pop 30,184, Huntington Woods – pop. 6,238 and Pleasant Ridge pop. 2,526. Lapeer – pop 8,841, lost by 6 votes. Frankfort – pop. 1,286, Onaway pop. 880, Clare pop. 3,118, and Harrison - pop. 2,114 were unsuccessful by wider margins. When you look at the numbers it seems that the real determinant of whether we won or lost is how rural the city is. It seems that majorities of voters in small towns, far from urban centers, are not with us at this time.

Free the Weed 45 -by John Sinclair

    Highest greetings from New Orleans, where I’m completing the last leg of my fall visit to the United States with a whirlwind of activity involving 9 performances in 7 days, most of them with the Carlo Ditta Trio & friends and the last one with pianist Tom Worrell. That’s why they call me the Hardest Working Poet In Show Business.  

Monday, December 8, 2014

Breakfast Ribbon Cutting With Buddy from Clio Cultivation -by Ben Horner

      Buddy from Clio Cultivation has decided move the store to a bigger location. Over the last four years Clio Cultivation has grown to become more than just a typical indoor gardening store. If you are from the mid-Michigan area you may have heard Buddy’s radio advertisements for Clio Cultivation on the Banana 101.5fm. The store doesn’t just pride itself on great prices but on great values and principles based on a commitment to make everyone a top shelf grower.
      As a family man and a grower, Buddy knows what it takes to learn how to grow. He has taken the time to find out what the best growers in the world buy. Buddy was instrumental at the Michigan High Times in Clio event this year and has networked with the top growers around the world. Many will always remember the pre-party for High Times that was held at the old location for Clio Cultivation, in the property behind the store. It was a pleasure to hang out with Buddy, his beautiful wife and kids, and of course the great staff from the store. The live music, vendors and great medicating areas everywhere, made for a great start to the weekend.
      Clio Cultivation‘s new location at 12196 North Saginaw road, is more spacious and convenient. Although store is independently owned, Buddy believes that he has a genuine partnership with the growers that frequent his shop. “The new store will accommodate every growers needs,” Buddy explains with a smile on his face. “We will have the Wall of Nutrients, which will be stocked with all of the relevant nutrients on the market in every size. I’m doing this because we can take care of the new smaller grower as well as the big boys. I hope to have shopping carts soon so people feel like they are in a supermarket.” A large inventory and great customer service has always won the day in retail.
      The grand opening at the new Clio Cultivation is December 19th, at 10am. After the ribbon cutting, breakfast will be served until the food is gone. Give-a-ways, swag and product samples will be available until they’re not. According to Buddy, everyone is welcome.

Cannabis History: The Mid 90's -by Joe Dauphinais

1994: Study Shows Cannabis Boosts Immunity
      A 16 year study of Marijuana use in HIV-infected women begins. With funding from several national organizations, the Women’s Interagency HIV Study collaboratively finds that: “Although many women reported using marijuana for social and relaxation reasons, marijuana use for symptom relief was also noted as an important motivator among these HIV-infected women.”

9th MMM Conference: Raising Medical Marijuana Awareness -by MMM Staff

      Medical Marijuana has made lots of positive changes in people’s health, paving the way to legitimate alternative medicine. It is good to know that people have the option to choose which medicine they are putting in their body. It is great to be able to decide between harsh chemicals like pharmaceutical drugs & a naturally grown plant that you will be using as medication. Marijuana gives us the opportunity to maintain our body’s health & well-being. Our health is the most important thing we have to achieve success in anything that we do.