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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Michigan Marijuana Patients and Caregivers Become Political Targets

By: Ben Horner

Michigan Cannabis Cancer Project Robbed by St. Clair County Drug Task Force
The St Clair County Drug Task Force raided the founders of the Michigan Cannabis Cancer Project, on the 26th of August. The officers confiscated approximently 47 plants, medicine, and firearms. John Roberts and the man known as “Monkey Paw” have been using cannabis to treat cancer and other serious medical conditions, often at no cost to their patients. They as caregivers, contend that they where within their limits for their medical marijuana patients and caregivers. Attorney Michael Komorn grilled the officers to expose the misuse of police force, and is preparing to take the case to jury trial in the charges are not dropped. Cannabis oil was being produced for cancer patients and this case could test the courts resolve on concentrates.