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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Michigan News for April 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

Traffic Stop Leads to Possession and Weapons Charges
Owosso: A man from Owosso was arrested in Indiana this month after a routine traffic stop led to the discovery of 2 loaded handguns, over a pound of marijuana, and more than 200 pieces of paraphernalia. Police in Indiana contacted Michigan police, who searched the man’s home in Owosso and found a large grow operation consisting of more than 36 plants and 100 grams of processed flowers. He will be held in Indiana on charges of possession with intent to sell, possession of a handgun without a license, and possession of paraphernalia before being turned over to the Michigan State Police. 

A Visit With State Senator Patrick Colbeck - by Tim Beck

     I had the opportunity last week to commiserate with Republican State Senator Patrick Colbeck at a GOP/libertarian dinner meeting at the “Huron River Hunting and Fishing Club” in Oakland County.

     Senator Colbeck, a former aerospace engineer, is said to be a rock ribbed “Tea Party” conservative, whose pet hatred appears to be taxes. In addition, he doesn’t seem to like cannabis either. That is a real problem for medical patients and canna business owners who would like to have statewide safe access to dispensaries. His perspective does not bode well for leaders of groups like MI Legalize, who would like to see legalization of cannabis on the ballot in 2016.

National News for April 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

Ohio’s Attorney General Rejects Proposed Amendment
Ohio: A proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution was rejected by Attorney General Mike DeWine this month citing two defects with the summary language of the petition. The amendment attempted to legalize marijuana in the state for medical and industrial use. The petition, titled “Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Amendment”, was submitted by a legal counsel representing the petitioners who gathered 1,000 valid signatures. AG DeWine, however, stated the defects in the language were: “1. it omits references to proposed amendment language that industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis shall be researched, regulated, and promoted by the State in a manner substantially similar to other agricultural crops. And 2. The summary language states that the proposed amendment provides the right to a fair and transparent licensing process for cannabis-related commerce and provides equal opportunity for access, ownership, and employment for all Ohio citizens who have attained the age of 21 years old. However, the proposed amendment establishes the age limitation only on licensing and not on receiving equal opportunity to access, ownership, and employment.” DeWine stated in a letter to petitioners, “For these reasons, I am unable to certify the summary as a fair and truthful statement of the proposed amendment.”

World News for April 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

One Year for Two Grams
Somalia: Abdirahman Aden Mohamud, a 21 year-old man, was sentenced to one year and two months imprisonment after attempting to sell marijuana to a plain clothes officer three days prior. Mohamud approached the officer and offered the drugs. He was immediately searched, where two grams of cannabis were found on his person, and charged with trafficking marijuana as it was not for personal use. The court recommended his sentenced to be served at Mount Carmel Hospital for mental health treatment instead of the Corradino correctional facility and also ordered Mohamud to pay €1,000.

GROW TIP: Homemade CO2 - by Ben Horner

     Plants need both full spectrum light sources and carbon dioxide to perform the essential process of photosynthesis. For larger grow rooms, supplement CO2 requires measured releases supplied. CO2 generators work by burning propane or natural gas and produce some unwanted heat. Compressed CO2 in large bulk containers produces no heat, but the tanks are heavy and bulky and need to be refilled often.

V.G.I.P. UPDATE - by Ben Horner

Michigan by 50% to 40% Backs Recall of Governor Rick Snyder; State Favors Legalization of Marijuana 54% to 39%

FLINT- Multiple petitions to recall Governor Snyder and legalize cannabis have been approved for circulation.  According to recent Survey USA Poll commissioned by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Report, Cannabis Stakeholders Group and Abrogate Prohibition Michigan, Michiganders would support both recalling Rick Snyder and to legalize marijuana.

Free The Weed 61 - by John Sinclair

     Highest greetings from Chicago, on my way by train from New Orleans to Grand Rapids for the 11th Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference, and then on to Detroit for a special occasion next week when the Kresge Foundation honors my ex-wife and mother of my children, the great photographer Leni Sinclair, as Detroit’s Eminent Artist of 2016.

     This is quite an honor as she joins other old friends of mine, the poet and playwright Bill Harris and the late trumpet great Marcus Belgrave, in this select pantheon of eminent creative artists of Detroit. Leni’s photographic contributions to the cultural history of Detroit date back more than 50 years to the creation of the Detroit Artists Workshop, where we collaborated with Bill Harris and other poets like Robin Eichele, George Tysh, and James Semark, musicians Charles Moore, Ron English and Danny Spencer, painters Ellen Phelan, Howard Weingarden, and Larry Weiner, and a host of creative individuals to establish our own place in the heart of the city and develop an audience for our work in art.

11th MMM Conference: 2016 Caregiver Cup Winners

Best Sativa

1st Place:
Durban Poison 33.76%
from Dave Laclair

2nd Place:
Eastside OG 29.41%
from Leafdoctor1

3rd Place:
Whitefire OG 23.68%
from Light Sky Farms

11th MMM Conference: Thanks to All Who Attended! - by Ben Horner

     The Orbit Room of Grand Rapids was packed for the 11th MMM Conference and caregivers cup. Master of ceremonies, “Captain” Kirk Reid, welcomed the attendees and was first to teach on the stage. Completely captivated, Kirk Reid educated a standing room only cooking class to start the day off. John Ujlaky II from Horizon Hydro taught a brilliant class on Organic Growing verses Hydroponics which attracted both advanced and novice growers.

     As the classes went on people kept pouring in throughout the afternoon. As the first night came to a close the Caregiver Cup contestants began showing up for the exclusive VIP party where vendors and participants gathered at a top secret location, There a smorgasbord of contestant entrees were sampled. Copious amounts of cannabis in all forms was consumed.

The 45th Annual Hash Bash - by Adam Brook

     So you should be reading this at the 45 Annual Ann Arbor HASH BASH....if not you missed a good time.......

     As I write this HASH BASH is 5 days away. I have a surprise guest who I will be announcing this afternoon... I think him being at HASH BASH shows how mainstream marijuana has become....Yes I now expect the elected folks to show up (they are looking for votes and contributions), I expect the who's who of “the movement” (most of them have their own agendas, which is why they are there, and that's what the event is about), I expect my dear friend John Sinclair....  but purely for personal reasons as I was the one who invited him in 2001. 

Spring has Sprung: Now Let's ABROGATE THE DENIAL OF FREEDOM! - by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

     Can you smell it?  It’s Spring and even though we still get the occasional snow shower, you can still smell the leaves, grass, flowers, yes… even the weeds beginning to sprout up from the long winter nap.  St. Patrick’s Day is already passed and heck I just realized that Hash Bash is only 9 days away.

     But with Spring also comes more police patrols.  Indeed, from the accounts I heard, law enforcement made a killing during Hash Bash last year.  Arrests and revenues were high, so to speak, for Ann Arbor and the surrounding area.  A medical marijuana card may not always keep you from getting ticketed or arrested.  You may find yourself arrested for possession even if the officer(s) know(s) you have a medical marijuana card.

Sometimes the Best Thing the Government Can Do is Nothing At All - by Citizen Jay

     My last article for the MMMR was all about the federal law suit brought against Colorado by its neighbors Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  As you’ll recall, the Attorneys General of those states decided to sue Colorado over its enactment of Amendment 64, which constitutionally gave its citizens the right to possess and cultivate Cannabis.   The plaintiffs claimed that their states were adversely impacted by Colorado’s constitutional amendment and argued that Colorado’s law was pre-empted by the Federal Controlled Substances Act.  And so they asked Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to force Colorado to obey the Controlled Substances Act.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Michigan Backs Recall of Governor Rick Snyder; Favors Legalization of Marijuana

Michigan by 50% to 40% Backs Recall of Governor Rick Snyder; State Favors Legalization of Marijuana 54% to 39%

March 25, 2016

FLINT- Multiple petitions to recall Governor Snyder and legalize cannabis have been approved for circulation.  According to recent Survey USA Poll commissioned by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Report, Cannabis Stakeholders Group and Abrogate Michigan, Michiganders would support both recalling Rick Snyder and to legalize marijuana.

Michigan voters want to recall Governor Rick Snyder, according to a new SurveyUSA poll. 934 registered voters statewide were interviewed 03/23/16 through 03/24/16. Young voters are more likely to want to remove the Governor; older voters are more likely to want Snyder to remain in office. 85% of those who are "very liberal" want the Governor out of office, compared to 69% of liberals, 47% of moderates, 34% of conservatives and 28% of "very conservative" voters. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Michigan News for 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

New Provisioning Center in Pittsfield
Pittsfield Township:
Perfect Solutions received its first “OK” from the Pittsfield Township Planning Commission this month. The company hopes to open an 8,100 sq. ft. operation which includes a provisioning center and grow operation. There were only a few small issues with the proposal, including landscape and hours of operation, which the company plans to clear up. The proposal states that the business will employ nine to twelve people, six of which will be caregivers. The plan also notes that the caregivers will strictly follow the state MMA and patients will only be able to receive medical marijuana from their caregiver. The applicant, Matthew Baker, wrote in his submission “Perfect Solutions strives to be a recognizable, professional care provider who will uphold the highest standards possible in regards to our local responsibilities and our reputation within the Michigan medical marijuana community.”

National News for March 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

Mormons Weigh in on Medical Bill
A proposed bill that would allow the medical use of edible marijuana, may have been dealt a major blow this month when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came out against it. Leaders of the church have said they “are worried about the unintended consequences of the measure,” according to ABC News. They are not, however, opposed to another bill which would allow access to marijuana-infused oil. While the church would not elaborate on their worries, Sen. Mark Madsen, who proposed the medible bill, believes that “if they’re going to put their thumb on the scale politically and force everyone to a standard, then I think they owe something of an explanation to the people.” Since a majority of Utah lawmakers belong to the church, the stance of the religious organization can have a big impact on their decisions. Both proposals have been approved by committee and should be argued in the Utah Senate later this month.

World News for March 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

Not Bricks of Gold
Malta: Dylan Azzopardi, 22, is a loan shark in Marsascala who held Luke Vella, 20, against his will and beat him, causing him to lose vision in one eye, for an overdue debt. Vella decided to take revenge into his own hands by robbing Azzopardi with two accomplices. Vella and an accomplice found a large bag with bricks wrapped in brown paper inside and assumed the bag contained money or pieces of gold. Police caught the men 20 yards from the home after receiving an anonymous tip. The bag actually contained 3.5 kilos of cannabis hash and about 100 grams of flower. The three men were charged with aggravated possession and so was the “victim” of the burglary, Azzopardi. Azzopardi was charged with aggravated possession after a search of his home led to another half kilo of marijuana in the garage. All men were allotted bail so long as they pay the fine, sign a bail book daily, and observe a curfew.

Grow Tip: Making a Ladybug House - by Ben Horner

     As springtime comes pests like mites can get into the best contained grow rooms. Almost all experienced growers have encountered this from time to time. The key to not getting an outbreak of insect pests that likes to destroy crops. Organic botanical sprays and Neme Oil can be used on plants in the vegetative stage of growth to repel pests. However, just like when you use mosquito spray in the summer and still get bitten, the same goes for plants. Ladybugs are also a great preventative option. Ladybugs can eat up to 50 mites a day and are all-natural.

VGIP UPDATE: March 2016 - by Ben Horner

     Detroit has passed its ordinance, and the City of Detroit is gearing up to close as many dispensaries as they can. All Dispensaries have until March 31st to start the licensing process. Some dispensaries that are close to schools have already been raided and shut down, after Mayor Mike Duggan announced that facilities that continue operating before getting approved by the City are doing so at their own risk.

Free The Weed 60 - by John Sinclair

     Highest greetings from New Orleans, where I was greeted for Mardi Gras with the splendid news that the New Orleans City Council is about to pass an ordinance virtually decriminalizing marijuana possession in the Crescent City, largely due to the work of Kevin Caldwell and the organization called Legalize New Orleans and to Council member Susan Guidry, who introduced the measure.

11th Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference will be OFF THE HOOK! - by Ben Horner

     The cost to get in is $7 for the weekend. Classes are free, except the business seminar, which teaches you the inside scope on how to run a provisioning center.

     There is going to be a legal panel, veterans panel Saturday, and a pancake breakfast hosted by parents for pot. 420 Nurses are recruiting new interns and promotional modeling deals for this magazine and cash prizes.

     The Caregiver Cup entree deadline is March 14th. Trophies will be awarded for best indica, sativa, hybrid, concentrates and edibles. It only costs $80 to enter. Participants will be invited to a private grower meet and greet after party on Saturday night. Tests your skills against the best, and just maybe you could validate you skills. Entrees can be dropped of at ACT Labs in Lansing, MI organics in Flint, or New World seeds in Traverse City.

Welcome March, Welcome Spring! - by Hemptress Jolene

     Welcome to the true count down to summer.  Now if you are like me, then you have spent the winter dreaming about the festival season the friends that you will see and the music that just might melt your mind, change your life and give you a whole new path.  Michigan offers many festivals and celebrations across this state that are distinctly Michigan.  From Beer, to Bavaria, from film to fish, from Medieval to Mushrooms, Michigan celebrates it all with its pure Michigan style.  For most of you reading this article, events like Ann Arbor’s Hash Bash and the High Time’s Cannabis Cup will be the crowning events on a season of summer fun, however, if you are like me and that is just not enough for you, I encourage you to dive into the wealth of awesome 3-day music festivals that Michigan has to offer.

Strength in Numbers - by Adam L. Brook

     So here we are, about to celebrate the annual right of passage called THE ANN ARBOR HASH BASH April 2nd at HIGH Noon.....This will be the 45th.

     How we got to this point? I have that answer. WHY we are still protesting the insane marijuana law with a smoke in? Depends on who you ask. I never saw an end to HASH BASH while I spent 20+ years organizing the event. I figured once the law changed, we would have a yearly celebration. I never thought it would get as commercial as it had (I don’t consider guys hawking t-shirts on every corner commercial), let alone corporate where the speakers list reflects ONE group and not ALL groups....

Lawless Law Enforcement - by Daniel L. Price

     Dateline, March, 2016.  Is the lawlessness of government actors becoming so clear, that even their most loyal lap dogs must see that their own freedom and lives are also at stake.  A revealing expose on the Michigan State Police Crime Lab (“MSP Lab”), is now well known in Michigan.  Last November revealed that the MSP Lab has been ordered by prosecuting attorneys connected with Michigan’s Attorney General’s office through the Prosecuting Attorney’s Association of Michigan (“PAAM”), to indicate that marijuana extracted from a plant is synthetic marijuana, when in fact the scientists know it is not synthetic.

Cannabis & Mental Health - by Joseph Dauphinais

     Medical cannabis has been proven to be a great treatment for a variety of ailments, and has a multitude of benefits which have been highlighted numerous times in many publications and web pages, including this magazine. But as with any other medication, there are side effects, of which any informed patient should be made aware. While there is no specific evidence that cannabis leads to any physical health problems, there are some studies which indicate that heavy use of the herb may have psychological consequences.