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Monday, February 16, 2015

A Few Thoughts... -by Drew Dorr

     Over the many years of my relationship with Mary Jane, one thing worthy of mention that I have observed is that her effects, more often than not, leave me feeling somewhat less than productive. In other words, sometimes it makes me feel like a lazy piece of shit, if I may. And although this may not always hold completely true, most of the time when one overstimulates their body with too much THC, laziness, hunger, confusion, absent-mindedness, fatigue, empty bank accounts from binging on Taco Bell and Budweiser, or any other potential “negative” (inconvenient, perhaps?) side effect of consuming cannabis, can be amplified to, at times, exponential degrees. And though the effects of cannabis may, at the right dosages, seem to sharpen and elevate the senses, it may be possible to experience the more “inconvenient” side effects of cannabis while being completely and wholly unaware as to their occurrence. 

Medical Marihuana is Legal in Michigan. Why Are Patients and Caregivers Still being Persecuted? -by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

     The voters of the State of Michigan expressed their desire to provide for the use medical marihuana. Yet, the government is still prosecuting marihuana patients. Government actors do not recognize your right to self-determination. There are prosecutors who simply do not care about the MMMA, or local ordinances decriminalizing marihuana. Exhibiting their bigotry of marihuana users, and desire to force their own beliefs on others, they continue to prosecute patients and caregivers. 

Cannabis Law: Current Cases in the Michigan Supreme Court -by Rachel Bunting

     The Michigan Supreme Court currently has three cases on its plate concerning medical marijuana, all from Oakland County. 

Free the Weed 47 -by John Sinclair

     As my readers will remember, last November marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Detroit Artists Workshop, a seminal collective of cultural workers I’m proud to have been a part of.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Grow Tip: Deep Water Culture -by Ben Horner

       There are many variations of the deep water culture hydroponic systems used by indoor cannabis gardeners. My favorite is the tote system, which is illustrated here in this article and in greater detail in a How-To video online at the MMM Report website. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Leaf Doctor Pt. 2 -by Ben Horner

 Never shying from the controversy of his craft, Marcel, AKA the Leaf Doctor, says “Only the strong will survive.”

Leaf Doctor Pt.1 -by Ben Horner

 Over the last three years, Marcel, AKA the Leaf Doctor, has been sweeping competitions all over the state. To date this world class grower has acquired 40 plus trophies and awards. Part of his claim to fame is the unique breeding programs that have produced some of the strongest cannabis strains in Michigan.

Cannabis History: Into the 21st Century 1998-2004 -by Joe Dauphinais

11th Cannabis Cup Highlights 
Held in Amsterdam, the 1998 Cannabis Cup featured celebrity judge and High Priest John Sinclair, who supervised the ceremonial inductions of Louis Armstrong and Mezz Mezzrow into the Hall of Fame. Memorable moments: John Sinclair, speaking about inductees Armstrong and Mezzrow said: “Pops gave us the solo, but Mezz gave us the nickel bag”. First Place Cup awarded to Green House Tolstraat for ‘Super Silver Haze’. Veteran Cup Competitor De Dampkring pulls out, declaring the event had become too commercial and expensive.