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Thursday, November 5, 2015

MMM Report Feature Artist: Ultraviolet Hippopotamus - by Hemptress Jolene

     If you know me and my love for Michigan Music, then you have heard me mention one of my favorite bands of all time, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, for hippo-pod-am-i.  When I think of the word stumble, I think of them... for stumble upon them I did.  I didn’t meet the hippo crew because they played an awesome set, (they did play an awesome set, but that came later) I met them because I blocked them from unloading at a small festival.  Yup that’s right.  Picture this:

     It’s a small festival, a few hundred of us, getting together on an early June’s weekend down on Grant’s farm back when he was playing with this band this other great Michigan Band.  The loading area for the festival is the musicians and me, the only vendor.  So, I pull up in between bands and start unloading my stuff, putting up the tent so on and so forth.  It takes me a minute, it is just me and there is a lot of work to do.  And working was just what I was doing when suddenly I hear, “Ma’am, um could you move your car?”

The Sky is Falling! We Cannot Legalize Marijuana! - by Daniel L. Price

     Ever wonder why it is that when people want to take your freedom they always use that four letter word, FEAR?  I have heard them all in my life: 

     If you don’t pass the millage, the children will suffer; if we don’t raise taxes, your fires won’t be put out, your homes won’t be protected by police, and of course, your roads won’t get fixed. 

     Well, in the context of marijuana it’s the same old song and dance.  Fear the high people driving on the road!  Fear the drug addicts will be stoned at work!  Fear the neighborhoods will lose property values due to pot houses!  Also, the oldie but goodie, Fear the children will get drugs more easily!  I mean, isn’t using children to get anything pretty sad, and pretty old?  The most interesting thing is that the fear is real, but not what we are told.  The real fear is of those who desire to control the behavior of others.  That fear is simply that freedom might break out everywhere, and they will lose control over others. 

All in the Family - by Adam Brook

     I am no Paul Lynde. However, being the center square is important. You are asked to play more and you will be part of a winning team more often than not. Bring me something I can support (or pay me) and I’m there 100%.

     Movement is how I described the cohesiveness of who we are and what we did as pot activists. Times have changed. Things are moving in a mostly positive direction.


Bitter Herbs - by Rebecca Veenstra

     Why would anyone choose to eat bitter herbs? Even if they were good for you wouldn’t you want to make them taste better?

     Not necessarily.... sometimes a spoonful of sugar just ruins the medicine. Probably you have heard of Agnostura bitters? Perhaps you have seen the odd little brown bottle with the ill-fitting paper label on the shelf at the grocery store and wondered what the heck it was...

     Anyone who has mixed cocktails has likely put a dash of the strange concoction into the shaker before. Maybe you remember your Grandma or Grandpa telling  you it would settle your tummy--or perhaps a friend offered it as a sure fire cure for a hang over.

     The practice of using bitters had mostly receded to folklore for quite some time here in the United States until recently. New small batch recipe companies and exclusive trendy stores are starting to carry bitters and extol their virtues as though they’d thought of it themselves.

The Verdict? NOT GUILTY - by Citizen Jay

     You know what?  I’m tired of waiting.  I’m tired of waiting to see if the Federal Government is going to legalize cannabis (we know they will eventually).  I’m tired of waiting to see if there will be more scientific studies done about the positive effects of cannabis.  I’m tired of waiting for my chosen candidate to wholeheartedly endorse the freedom of states to continue with their own cannabis legalization efforts.  I’m tired of waiting to see if “experiments” like the ones in Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and D.C. have been a success.
     Well, I say the wait is over.  There I’ve done it.  I’ve called it.  It’s done.  Caput.  Over.  No more “wait and see” necessary.  We’re past that now. 

Navigating the Legalization Crossroads - by Ben Horner

Will the State Take Over Medical Marijuana?

Tim Beck is well known in the cannabis community for his work with Michigan NORML, CPU, DPA and several other state and national pro-marijuana organizations. Tim led and helped pass most of the initiatives throughout the state for both legalization as well as medical marijuana. Mr. Beck has recently taken a position with the Michigan Responsibility Council (MRC), which represents a push by a well-financed lobbying group to establish a large scale state monopoly on the cultivation and distribution of cannabis in Michigan.  Senator Rick Jones chaired another of a series of meetings on the various medical marijuana reform bills this month. Beck informed the community the following:

     “Two of four scheduled testimonies were given before the meeting was cut short, when the Senators were abruptly called to session to possibly vote on the road bills. Senator Jones warned all attendees in advance that such a thing could happen and if it did, the testimonies will be heard another day.

3rd Green Cup Competition Winners

 Best Indica:

1st - Girl Scout Cookies - 27.54%
from LightSky Farms

2nd - Valley Gash - 22.97%
from Leafdoctor1

3rd - New World Kush - 23.49%
from New World Seeds

The 10th MMM Conference in Review - by Ben Horner

This last installment of the our sponsored event, the 10th MMM Conference, was a success. Despite several challenges, we triumphed. The VIP party was off the chain, right on Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor. Attendees at the event expressed satisfaction, and some surprise hockey families showed us how far medical marijuana has come.

We need to give a huge thanks to Captain Kirk for teaching the cooking class as well as Jim from Organibliss, Mike from Cultivation Station, as well as all the other instructors. I personally taught a class on opening up dispensaries, and met so many beautiful people that want to get involved in the industry.

Free The Weed 56 - by John Sinclair

     Hi everybody and highest greetings from the northeast sector of Detroit where I’m recovering from foot surgery with my daughters and granddaughter waiting on me hand and foot to keep me from going stir crazy while I sit here and heal.

     While in Detroit for the past two months I’ve been delighted to read page after page of coverage in the daily papers of the proliferation of medical marijuana outlets in the city and several serious think pieces about the burgeoning of the cannabis industry and the imminence of legalization for recreational use as well.

     My position is clear: For those like myself who spent 40 or 50 years copping in the shadows from fellow criminals (if you could locate the ones who had the bag), the quick, easy and regular availability of our medicine is a beautiful thing and should be as widespread as possible.

VGIP Update: The Medical Marijuana Facilities Act

     The Michigan Medical Marijuana Facilities Act is being considered in the Senate this month. The bills tied to the bills include regulations for medibles, concentrates, secured transport, taxes, and commercial seed to sale growing. The caregivers have been written out of the bills.
Leader of MI Legalize Chuck Ream had this to say:

World News for November 2015 - by Rachel Bunting

Kiwi Cannabis Party Declares: Raw Cannabis is a Human Right
New Zealand: The Cannabis Party in New Zealand firmly believes that access to raw cannabis should be a human right for medical patients. Party leader Julian Crawford stated, “In the 23 states of the US where raw cannabis is legal for medical use, it has proven to be superior to isolated cannabinoid extracts. However, for non-pharmaceutical cannabis products to be considered in New Zealand, the patient would have to be on their death bed. This violates the Human Rights of thousands of people who are in pain or suffering daily but do not have a terminal illness.” The cannabis party’s policy would allow patients and caregivers to grow the medicine, and patients would be able to purchase it from medical dispensaries.

National News for November 2015 - by MMM Report Staff

Tribal Marijuana Resort
South Dakota: The Flandreau Santee Sioux reservation has begun growing it’s 65 strains of plants in hopes of producing 80 pounds of pot in 14 weeks, in preparation for the New Year’s Eve opening of the first of its kind resort. The tribe is hoping to sell 80 pounds weekly at its smoking lounge and entertainment resort just south of their casino. The Sioux are renovating an old bowling alley on the reservation, and are attempting to turn it into a club atmosphere with food, drinks, live music and perhaps some slot machines.

     While the club will be within a block of the tribe’s casino, restaurants, and hotel, tribal officials are making sure to let visitors know the lounge building will be the only place on the reservation where buying and consuming marijuana will be tolerated. While the reactions have been mixed, one immediate impact is that the tribe has severed its joint police force with the city, forming their own police force on the reservation with about 5 officers. The tribe is also offering a separate building for people who need marijuana for medical purposes and will also treat children with non-psychoactive oils, with a doctors recommendation and parental consent, at the resort. The tribal leaders emphasize the many safe-guards put in place to keep children from obtaining marijuana, which incudes heavy security at the growing facility and the tribal police force which will be active 24 hours a day.

     They also hope to ease fears about intoxicated drivers by having a near-by hotel and offering shuttle buses, similar to those offered for gambling trips. Much like drinking at a bar or casino, the leaders plan to carefully monitor the consumer’s intake and “cut them off” if they over-indulge. The opening is only a few months away, the leaders are hoping the revenue will not only benefit the tribe but also the town.

Michigan News for November, 2015 - by MMM Report Staff

Warren Mayor Proposes Registration Requirements
WARREN: Some concerns from residents in Warren have prompted Mayor Jim Fouts to propose regulations which would require registration as well as dictating where medicine can be grown, how it is transported, and even controls on odor. According to the Detroit Free Press, Fouts acknowledges the bills currently going before the Senate but says his proposal would “control the whole aspect of medical marijuana growing in neighborhoods”. The mayor was already working on the ordinance when a home explosion in the city, caused by an irresponsible marijuana extraction, fueled the concerns of residents. While many see the idea as an unprecedented level of intrusion, others believe marijuana can change the face of communities and regulating it only makes sense. Comments on the proposal will be heard at a City Council meeting on November 10th.