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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Book Report: American Hipster - by Ben Horner

     Hilary Holladay, PH.D., scholar of American Literature, published this insightful biography on the life of not so well known Hebert Huncke. Well, at least not so well known by name. Huncke went by many names both in life and in the mythos of the “beat generation.”

Feeding Your Plant - by Rick Weller

     Our plants are hungry and need a variety of nutrients to support their growth and health. Here are a couple of nutrients that must be available to your plants and the role they play. Also, a couple of components that can add great benefit to your growing environment. This is obviously not intended as a complete list, just starting the conversation.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Look Out, They're Coming! - by Citizen Jay

     Things don’t always go exactly as planned, eh?  That’s one way to see it.  But I suppose that all depends on from whose side you’re looking at it.  Expectations were turned up.  The scene was set.  And then?  Nada…

BLAME THE MEDIA! - by Chuck Ream

     If the truth had ever been told - if the press and the media had done their job, the War on Drugs and cannabis prohibition couldn’t have happened.

     Reason magazine (Sept 27, 2014) explains that: “The war on drugs would have been impossible for the government to wage for the last 40 plus years without support from the media. The drug war is horrific. Earlier this month, a DEA agent shot a grandmother reaching for her child during a raid that found no drugs. In the summer, a SWAT team in Georgia threw a flash bang into a baby’s crib, critically injuring it. There are more than 150 such raids each day in America, so there are a lot of horrifying stories” – but they rarely make the national news.

MMM Report Spotlight: The Green Room - by Ben Horner

     Choices for medical marijuana patients are ever-expanding in Detroit and surrounding areas. My favorite new place in Detroit is The Green Room. The proprietors bring top quality to a safe location on Mack Avenue, right next to Gross Pointe.

Free The Weed 44 - by John Sinclair

   Highest greetings from New Haven, Connecticut, where I’m visiting my sister Kathy in the middle of a 3-week trip to the East Coast before ending up with a week in New York City and a train ride back to Detroit in time for the 50th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Detroit Artists Workshop on November 1, 1964.