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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grow Tips: Hydro Cloning

Grow Tip- Hydro Cloning

Ben Horner

Cloning with root cubes and rooting compound is the most common technique, but not particularly efficient. Hydroponic cloning can produce starter plants easier, faster and larger. Hydro cloners vary in number of sites; each site is for an individual clone. A twenty-four-site cloner can produce twenty clones at a time.

There are many such products on the market or you can make your own. Most units all use similar plug stem holder the fits into the top of the container. Then container is filled with water and cloning solution. Where they vary is in the way the moisture is propelled to the plant. Some us foggers, others use a drip system. For this article we will be looking at a manifold and sprayer system, which is powered by a submersible water pump.

As with all hydroponics the purity and PH balance of the water is paramount. Proper PH is between 5-6 on the PH scale. PH testing and balancing chemicals can be found at all indoor gardening stores.  Use filtered water when ever possible. The quality of the water makes all the difference, especially when cloning.

Step 1. Always make sure to your cloner is working well by completely assembling the device, filling it with water and letting it run for a few hours. Confirm that all the sprayers are functioning.  Once you are certain that the entire interior surface is receiving a good spray. add the directed amount of cloning solution.
Step 2. Take cuttings from a healthy female plant use sterile, sharp shears or a razor; make sure you leave at least 15cm of stem on each cutting.
Step 3. Using your cutting tool, clean any lower leaves and stems so that the cutting fits into the foam plugs and the stem is at least 8cm exposed. Repeat this until your sites are full. Make sure water is spraying on all the stems that are below the surface.
Step 4. Place the cloners that are in the cloner under a good quality grow light. Recommended light is in the blue spectrum, preferable a metal halide bulb or comparable floresant.  In three to ten day’s roots will form on stems below.
Step 5. Transfer the rooted clones into its new home. Any growing media should take the new plants. Be very careful not break the roots with the dirt or other growing substrates. 

Compassion, War, and The Truth

Compassion, War, and The Truth

By Charmie Gholson
I’ve been writing for a long time and ordinarily, in December I would publish a guide for folks who want to take action and embody the “Spirit of the Holidays”. You know, so they can “make a difference” in their area.

But I don’t need to instruct you on how to make a difference in your neighborhood, in fact, to do so would be insulting because our community is defined by its compassion. You turn compassion into action, and do so year round. Every day, for four years, I’ve seen remarkable acts of generosity and selfless acts of compassion.

The most common example is open-handed generosity from people who have little to give. Those who have a little bit more than others happily share what they’re got, and I’ve been privileged to witness those with plenty act on their awareness of those less fortunate, and do so in extraordinary ways.

Kevin Spitler and Trena Martin at the Med Joint Compassion Club in Oshtemo, near Kalamazoo donated more than 10,000 pounds of food in the last year to community organizations and tons more to other charities.

And in this open letter to the Michigan NORML Membership, “Uncle Pete” from recently broke down the sheer number of chronically and terminally ill folks his camp sees and works to help:

We deal with a heavy patient load of terminal patients and patients with cancer/tumors. Some of the current cases we are dealing with are suffering from things like:

-Stage 4 bone cancer. Patient is 100% terminal as far as we know. It was too late for this one without a miracle. Stranger things have happened. He went on hospice 3 days ago and started treatment last night.

-Prostate cancer: This is one of the easiest to beat for some reason.

-Brain tumors and multiple seizures: This patient will start treatment next week and we are confident we can make him well in a matter of a few months. The doctors say he will die. With a high school diploma, a YouTube video, and some desire.... we will save him. We have experience beating terminal cancer that is incurable according to the docs.

-Bladder cancer patient that is a couple weeks into her treatment and doing very well. Symptoms surrounding her paralysis have been relieved greatly and we are confident the tumors will be disappearing soon.

We have seen people in wheel chairs get up and walk, we have seen people on their deathbeds get up and live.

These are just the cases I have worked with in the last 24 hours. I am overloaded and pulling my hair out trying to find any doctors willing to listen much less help. So while I am excited about some classes going on next year, I would beg somebody to get involved with what we are doing now to start documenting this stuff on a professional level. We have over 90% success rate with our oils.

The members of this community are attacked simultaneously by the system and by our own bodies. We fight law enforcement and chronic pain. Legislators and cancer.  And yet, we are winning the battle of public opinion.

I’m sure our Attorney General and a few others were dumbfounded and furious November 7th, after two states completely legalized marijuana and five Michigan cities overwhelmingly passed marijuana regulations and reforms. It must really stink to have so much money and power, and still lose.

It’s pretty pathetic if you think about it.  Those with money, power and control of the media who want to see this war continued and work to silence us are getting their asses kicked by the sick, the have-nots and disenfranchised. 

They’re probably wondering how we keep gaining ground, no matter how many times they knock us down, but it’s not that hard to understand. You good people possess the one thing they work to hide-- The Truth. And truth crushed to the ground rises again.

Happy Holidays Everyone. I pray you can see yourselves through the eyes of those you are helping. It’s remarkable to behold.

Charmie Gholson is co-owner of The American Cultivator and founder of Michigan Moms United to End the War on Drugs. You can email her at

Charmie Gholson
Politics. Promotions. Peace.


By Erikush Growski

Christmas time means a time to be joyous. In our culture, joy includes food, decorations, gifts, and good will. Those of us in the cannabis community would like to incorporate more of that natural ingredient into our holidays to promote that extra bit of “cheer.” We can all give a gift to Mother Nature by truly going green this year and using the natural ingredients and supplies we have around the house. If you are a grower, don’t buy a plastic tree or a cut tree; just choose one of your trees that you grew yourself. Marijuana plants are beautiful and green, and I dare say, smell better than pine anyways. You can use traditional decorations or things you have around the house such as popcorn, glitter, pine cones, buttons and beads. Place a tree skirt around the bottom of the bucket to complete the festive presentation. When you are done with the tree, smoke it!

If you save and mold the stems when you are trimming plants, they can be formed into a wreath. Use the long stems and shortly after cutting them, soak in water. Once they are pliable, you can form them into a circle and use twine to secure the shape. Place in a dry warm place for several days to set. Once this wreath is dry, you then can add the decorations such as pine cones, bows, bells, and glitter. This is a wonderful way to repurpose unused fibers. What better gift to give to yourself, Mother Nature, the planet, and future generations than repurposing and being less wasteful?

Making your own Yule log out of stems and trimming is a most rewarding task. Filling your home with the wonderful scent of fresh herb on the holiday makes a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Cut stems into strip and lay those strips and precut sections of natural twine. Once a complete layer is formed, add about a one inch tall section of partially dried clippings. You can add mesquite, scented wood chips, or even potpourri to the center for diversification of scent. Wrap using the twine in a log-like shape. Let dry completely for a minimum of three days then enjoy the wondrous scent you created.  

Last but not least – food! You can add kief to just about anything that has spices without upsetting the recipe. When cooking with marijuana you can really unleash your creative juices. My new favorite holiday treat is warm eggnog with tincture. The rich nog is the perfect counterbalance to the strong taste of tincture. A little splash of spiced rum is a good addition as well.

A little creativity goes a long way. Look around your home and see what you have to work with. Make a point to try and use things around your home as opposed to buying them. Congratulate yourself on every package, box, container, or product that you didn’t buy, as you are giving the gift of Green.