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Friday, August 1, 2014

Pure Neem Extract vs. Neem Oil by James E. Kostrava

     Articles written in Sanskrit show that people have been using neem for thousands of years.  Neem seeds are pressed and what oozes out is neem oil. But starting in 2005, research scientists that retired from a global chemical company found a way to extract the pure neem extract from neem seeds – capturing 92% of the bioactive ingredients from the Neem trees in Africa.

PTSD & the MMMP by Chelsea Shaker

    By now, most people are well aware of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and acknowledge it as one of the most debilitating conditions someone can have. Whether the PTSD comes from warfare, domestic violence, a freak accident, or traumatic incident, it is all relative to a condition that over 5.2 million adults suffer with at any given time. Many personal situations can result in PTSD, from gun and sexual violence, a sudden and unexpected death, a traumatic accident, but most recently our society has noticed a massive increase in patients with PTSD from not only our own members of the community, but especially our wounded warriors, whose scars are not visible.