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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Verbascum Thapsus: Mullein - by Rebecca Veenstra

      Did you know that there are many herbs that have been traditionally used for smoking besides Cannabis? Native American tribes and indigenous cultures throughout the globe have smoked a huge variety of herbs including  bearberry, spearmint, comfrey, willow bark, catnip and many others for both medicinal and ceremonial purposes.

     One of the smoking herbs that is most easily identified for beginning wild crafters is Mullein. The botanical name for the Mullein we see in our fields here in Michigan is Verbascum Thapsus. There are numerous types of Mullein with different botanical names. The name “Mullein” would be referred to in text books as it’s “common” name. Wild crafting is the term herbalists use for the act of seeking and harvesting an herb from its natural habitat in the wild.

Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas - by Ben Horner

      Sin City is the perfect place to host a smoking accessory and head shop trade show. The dry heat hit us hard when we arrived. After working in the medical marijuana industry for the last five years, being in an environment where one has to curb the cannabis language, is a reminder of how good we have it here in Michigan. After checking into the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, we made our way over to the Las Vegas Convention Center and registered at the Champs event.

Riding the ‘Silk Road’ Roller Coaster - by Daniel L. Price, Esquire

     It’s August 2015.  It’s been about seven years since the voters in Michigan began to reclaim a small portion of the liberties that past generations neglected to defend.  It is interesting to observe this roller coaster ride.  Like all motion, the cars of this coaster began to move from the power generated by a machine.  In this case, the machine was a large group of individuals dedicated to the idea of freedom.  These individuals understood that government actors who attempt to control the behavior of others are just as illegitimate as any Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, or other dime store dictator. The anticipation of that first plunge down the track of freedom was great.  Many felt the euphoria of accomplishing an assertion of freedom, when the votes were tallied and Michigan joined the ranks of those states that have “legalized” marijuana for medicinal purposes.  People from all walks of life began growing, using, and providing marijuana for others to experience the relief that this natural medicinal herb provides. 

Native American Tribes & Legal Cannabis - by Joe Dauphinais

     A recent federal raid on a cannabis production operation on Indian land has once again undermined promises made to the Native Americans by the U.S. Government. In December of 2014 the American Justice Department announced that it would no longer litigate marijuana sale and use on reservations. Yet here we are, only seven months later seeing the feds on Indian land bustin heads over natural meds.

2015 U.P. Growers Conference and Cup - by Grubbycup

     The first annual Upper Peninsula Growers Conference & Growers Cup was held in Daggett MI on the 20th of June 2015. General Admission tickets were $10 and VIP passes were sold for $100. The overall winner of the event was a Cindy 99 entry by the Cloverland Provisioning Center.

     I live in California, and Mike kindly flew me out to act as Master of Ceremonies for the event. I had such a great time that I’m not going to even try to be unbiased about it. While I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the trolls down in the Detroit area a handful a times, and I’ve even taught a class in Flint, this was my first visit above the bridge. I found the people to be friendly, the pasties tasty, and the scenery beautiful (I also found the mosquitoes annoying but I’m not one to complain too much).

Comparisons - by Citizen Jay Daily

     It’s been shown that in states where the use of cannabis for medical purposes has been legalized the number of auto fatalities consistently declines.  Speculation dictates a correlation here.  But it’ a fairly obvious one—given the choice it seems some people would rather consume cannabis than alcohol.  Those people no longer drinking are no longer posing the same risk they did before that choice was made legal.

Will The Great Lakes State Legalize in 2016? - by Ben Horner

     The MMM Report reached out to MI Legalize, MCC and MRC and asked them: How does your organization envision legalized recreational marijuana in Michigan and why is now the right time?

Here are their responses:

V.G.I.P. UPDATE: Political Options - by Ben Horner

     As the hype for marijuana legalization descends upon Michigan, many cannabis activists have noticed that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the petitions that could legalize possession of marijuana for adults in 2016. Keeping up with all three of the petition groups is almost as confusing as paying attention to who is in the running for the republican presidential nomination.

An Inside Look at ACT Laboratories, Inc. - by Rachel Bunting

     Cannabis testing is a rapidly expanding business in the country today. With 23 states having some type of medical program for marijuana, testing is not only becoming important, but necessary. As with most medications, many patients are not preparing their own and therefore do not know exactly what is going into their plant. Growers could be using potentially dangerous substances on the plants to keep bugs away without thinking of the consequences it could have on their patient. Many patients want to know the type of cannabis they are using (high/low CBD, high/low THC) so they can administer their medication and receive relief for their individual ailments appropriately.

Free the Weed 53 - by John Sinclair

     Highest greetings from Amsterdam, where I’ve been spending my summer so far working with my pals Steve The Fly and Sidney Daniels to try to open up a temporary autonomous zone of our own called the Bohemian Embassy somewhere in the city of Amsterdam this fall.

     At the same time I’m working on completing the final stages of production so my new book, IT’S ALL GOOD—A John Sinclair Reader, can go to the printer under the careful hands of my publisher, Ben Horner.

GROW TIP: Transitioning to Coco Fiber - by Ben Horner

     The hottest new soilless media used to grow medical marijuana is Coco. Coco is made from coconut husk fiber and is an excellent substrate that promotes almost perfect drainage. Many growers are making the transition to coco because of the epic results produced. Here are tips for growing with Coco:

World News: August 2015 - by Rachel Bunting

World News for August, 2015
Give an Inch, They Take a Mile
SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Currently marijuana is illegal throughout all of Australia, however like in the US, the penalties for possession and use vary from state to state. 
South Australia was the first state in the country to decriminalize cannabis offenses in 1987. Residents in the state found with up to 100 grams of cannabis, 20 grams of hash, one non-hydroponic plant, or marijuana paraphernalia can be fined $50 to $150 and will be given 60 days to pay. This policy seems fairly lax and quite easy to follow, smokers could have plenty of marijuana with a pretty minimal risk. However, two men from SA decided 100 grams and one plant with such a small risk attached wasn’t enough. They decided to risk jail time instead by being found with 245 hydroponically grown plants as well as 10,000 grams of the dried flower. Not only were they charged with possession but also with trafficking the drugs. They are currently waiting to be given a trial for their crime.

National News: August 2015 - by Rachel Bunting

 National News for August 2015

The Marijuana Flood
MEXICO/ARIZONA: A sewer line backup caused all kinds of waste to spill into a Nogales, Arizona home this month, destroying the home and damaging two nearby businesses. When going to investigate officials used video feed to look under the house and determine the cause of the backup. They were able to see bundles blocking the sewage line but were unable to reach them for two days. After they were finally able to get in the passage under the house they were surprised to find the bundles were about 15 pound bricks of marijuana, totaling around 60 pounds altogether. Authorities believe smugglers sent the drugs through a sewer in Mexico and someone on the US side would catch them by using the tunnel under the house. It appears that the house is vacant and the owner lives out of state. No arrests have been made and an investigation is ongoing.

Michigan News: August 2015 - by Rachel Bunting

Michigan News for August 2015

Should Medication Have an Age Limit?
GRAND BLANC: A Grand Blanc woman decided to share her daughter’s story this month, a story that started six months ago. Ida Chinonis is the mother of a beautiful little 6 year-old named Bella. Bella has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder called 1p36 deletion syndrome. This disorder can cause many problems including seizures, developmental delays, and limited speech ability. Bella is also experiencing kidney failure and has multiple holes in her heart. Bella was unable to speak, chew, play, or even walk. That was until six months ago Ida began giving her daughter medical marijuana oil and says Bella has made strides since then. She says that Bella is finally able to stand up by herself and will respond to voices, something she never would do before. She is also loves the movie Frozen, something she never previously showed any emotion toward. Ida says the only thing her family has done differently is administer the oil. While Bella’s seizures have been reduced, she still has many challenges ahead of her and will likely never develop like her peers, but her parents are hopeful that continued use of the oil will keep providing some relief for their daughter.