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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Recent Study Reveals: Smoking is Smoking ...But Marijuana May Be Safer - by Rachel Bunting

     Everywhere you look these days there are anti-smoking campaigns. Gone are the days of cigarette ads like Lucky Strike promising to keep you slim or Camel claiming “more doctors smoke Camels”, it would be astounding to even see a cigarette commercial promoting the use of tobacco. Today we have pictures of black lungs, amputees, and people who have had to have their larynx removed and must use a prosthetic to speak. We know from many studies, such as one done in the UK, that tobacco products and marijuana cigarettes contain benzyprene, which is in the tar produced by smoke.

     Benzyprene causes cancer by altering a gene known as p53. The p53 gene suppresses tumors that would naturally grow in the human body. 75% of lung cancers have been linked to people with a faulty p53 gene. Now, since there are so many anti-smoking campaigns about how tobacco adversely effects your health why do all the anti-marijuana campaigns focus on the mental and psychoactive aspects of the drug and not the health aspect? Could marijuana be safer to smoke than tobacco? There have been reports that marijuana cures cancer, so shouldn’t it be safe to smoke?

Felonious “Caring” of Firearms - by Daniel L. Price, Esquire

     This month, I want to tell you a story to explain an issue, rather than just write the issue down.  Even though it is a different way to explain, it should still be helpful to those who read this article.

     My name is Thomas J.  I’ve always wanted to help others with cancer, because my mother suffered the terrible effects of cancer for years before she died.  When Michigan finally legalized the use of medical marijuana, I rushed to become a caregiver and provide relief for those in pain.  I always chose cancer patients, as it was so close to my heart because of my experience with my mother.  But what I would experience as a result of wanting to help others changed my life forever.

Insure Your Investment - by Rachel Bunting

     Health insurance, car insurance, house insurance; it seems like you can insure just about everything you own these days and medical marijuana is no exception. Michigan dispensaries, growers, patients, and caregivers can all be insured. This means, like car or home insurance, when people have their medication stolen or their dispensary broken into they are covered.

You Got To Fight for Your Right to Party! - by Citizen Jay

     The summer is in full swing and usually I’d be all excited to tell you about the upcoming 710 Cup that’s been held annually on July 10th in Denver over the last couple of years.  But this year, the 710 Cup is not going to happen. 

And that’s kind of a bummer.

Nectar Collectors - by Ben Horner

     Carrie Helzer, patient and activist in the Cannabis industry in Michigan, really likes her Nectar Collector Micro. The Nectar Collector Micro is a miniature ultra-portable version of the full size Nectar Collector.  Nectar collectors are the hottest new dabbing technology on the market. By combining a bubbler with a titanium straw nail, users can vaporize nectar like a bee does from a flower. The Micro has switch-hitting technology that allows swapping out the titanium tip for battery atomizer for ultimate portability. By utilizing the bubbler filter the vapor keeps the hits cool and smooth.

Know Your CBD Rights - by Rachel Bunting

     Cannibidiol, or CBD, is one of many chemicals in marijuana and hemp plants. Research so far has shown it is one of the more beneficial chemicals extracted from the plant to be used medically. Recent studies have shown epileptic children using CBD oil, with almost no THC, to virtually eliminate seizures. Since it seems to have huge medical implications with no psychoactive ingredients involved law makers have been sponsoring bills to make the substance more attainable. Here is a look at the current CBD laws around the country.

Free The Weed 52 - by John Sinclair

     Highest greetings from Amsterdam, where I’ve just returned for the summer until it’s time to come back to Michigan in August for the Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup festivities in Clio and around the Flint area.

July Grow Tip: Clean Water, Please - by Ben Horner

    The purity of the water that we drink and use to water our plants should be the concern of everyone.  Your health and that of your plants can be diminished by water that loaded with chlorine, iron and other minerals, as well as bacteria and other nasty microscopic bugs.

July V.G.I.P. Update - by Ben Horner

GRAND RAPIDS: After completing the first two in a series of VGIP meetings, it is evident that the Vote Green Initiative has both made a difference and is very real. The first meeting was in Traverse City on the twenty-second of June, followed by another two days later in Grand Rapids. These meetings were attended by good, local people, some who have been activists for marijuana law reform for many years. While still others are just becoming part of the movement, full of wonder and questions. Although trekking around the state teaching people is hard work, the need was there and the people in attendance received the VGIP team with a warm welcome, eager to get involved.

July World News - by Rachel Bunting

Soccer Fans Buses Busted
Santiago, Chile: Two buses carrying Colombian football fans were detained earlier this month outside of Chacalluta, near the Peruvian border. Customs officials discovered cocaine, LSD, marijuana, knives, and a 40-centimeter long sabre. The Chilean authorities have ramped up security measures at the borders during the three-week tournament when Colombia is scheduled to play Brazil.

     Given the extremely violent outbreaks that have happened in the past among soccer fans, including riots, arson, and looting, the sport is being monitored worldwide by concerned groups who would like to figure out how to reduce these tragedies surrounding the word’s most popular team sport.

July National News - by Rachel Bunting

Putting Weeds Back in Nature
DURANGO, COLORADO: Marijuana lovers that love nature can now infuse those two loves into one with Colorado’s new cannabis resort. For $395 a night guests can enjoy a cannabis, nature filled vacation at “CannaCamp: A Bud+Breakfast Mountain Resort”. The camp is located on a 170-acre resort filled with pot-friendly trails, cannabis yoga and pairing dinners, a THC fusion cooking class, and 4:20 community hour (a marijuana version of happy hour). While the resort will not sell the product, they will have a concierge who can direct guests to area dispensaries and travelers are welcome to bring their own. Patrons may use marijuana all over the resort except in the cabins, but this is mainly for safety reasons, and visitors may smoke on their porches. CEO of the camp, Joel Schneider, wants to bring “an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood summer camp.” The camp opens July 1st and began taking reservations in June.

July Michigan News - by Rachel Bunting

The Different Proposals
STATEWIDE: There have been many different proposals being talked about by all the different marijuana advocacy groups. It can be a bit confusing when distinguishing which group you, as a patient, should support. Thankfully mLive was kind enough to put together an easy-to-read guide to the two main petition drives working toward the same ultimate goal, but with differing rules for the goal.