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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Michigan News for January 2016 - by MMM Report Staff

 MSP Misreporting Test Results
Several attorneys have begun filing complaints against the Michigan State Police for misrepresenting marijuana test results which could have left many serving higher sentences than what they deserved. The complaints claim tests that find marijuana are being reported as synthetic THC or a schedule one controlled substance which is a felony instead of a marijuana-related misdemeanor. The Michigan State Police Public Affairs Manager, Shannon Banner, calls the complaints “bogus” and said, “After this discussion period, the decision was made to begin using the phrase ‘origin unknown’ for samples where the source of the THC could not be scientifically proven to originate from a plant-based material. It should be pointed out that ‘origin unknown’ does not mean the sample is synthetic THC; it only means the lab did not determine the origin and the source of the THC should not be assumed from the lab results.” A lawyer who filed a complaint believes the change in the way THC is characterized was politically motivated with influence from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Association of Michigan. Complaints were filed with the National Institute of Justice because grant money given to MSP to expedite testing results has been used.

National News for January 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

Pismo Beach Cracking Down on Cannabis Meds and Synthetics
California: The City Council of Pismo Beach will consider two proposed ordinances this month, which come after Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. According to the Tribune, the Act states that cities without specific ordinances regulating or prohibiting marijuana by Mar. 1st 2016, will lose their ability to regulate medical marijuana in their city and the state will become the sole licensing and regulating authority.

World News for January 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

Legalization in Israel Gains Support
Israel: Medical marijuana has been legal in Israel, for cancer patients as well as those with illnesses or diseases linked to chronic pain, since the early 90s, but recently many groups in the country have begun advocating for complete decriminalization of the drug, reported the Times of Israel.

GROW TIP: The "Sea of Green" Technique - by Ben Horner

     The Scrog or “Sea of Green” technique is one of the most productive tools for growing cannabis. Using this method, the plant requires no training by means of bamboo stakes, but rather uses a net-like screen called a trellis to shape a canopy of flowering points. This will increase the amount of top buds (also known as kolas). Although the shape can change, the principles stay the same. Several methods have been adopted to produce excellent results for different growing areas.

January 2016 V.G.I.P. Update - by Ben Horner

     As the New Year comes upon us, we must contemplate how best to move forward with cannabis law reform in Michigan. Many activists around the state have worked hard to legalize cannabis for adult use. MI Legalize and MCC have passed their initial window of 180 days to collect signatures and have come up short. A new petition has come out that may be the solution, and the Vote Green Initiative Project (VGIP) has decided to get involved.

     MI Legalize insists that it still has a chance, but most experts agree that unless there was a significant influx of money the chances of savaging the MI Legalize campaign is almost an impossible feat. Some die-hard volunteers are still working. Regardless, sometimes working on multiple fronts is a good thing. It seems that both petition groups will be in support of each other’s efforts in a real positive way. If we all work together we can end the war on cannabis consumers. No more worrying about being a cannabis user.

Free The Weed 58 - by John Sinclair

     Highest greetings from the south of England at the end of 2015, and highest wishes for the New Year, which may indeed be the one that brings us legalized marijuana in Michigan and takes us closer to our goal on the national level: FREE THE WEED!

     Dear friends, let us pray that 2016 will be the year that begins to blow away the web of distorted myth from the topic of marijuana and starts the process of according full recognition and respect to the reality of marijuana and its many beneficial uses in our sick social order.

A Look Inside Metro Detroit's Largest Dispensary - by Joe Dauphinais

     Elite Detroit on Woodward is any cannaisseur’s dream come true. This amazing establishment boasts over 100 different types of flowers at any given time, not to mention the mind boggling choices of delicious edibles and juicy concentrates.

     My first impression of Elite came to me as I pulled into the fenced-in parking lot. Well-lit and patrolled by security, I was at ease knowing that I didn’t need to fear for my car as I shopped inside. After showing my credentials to the door security, I was welcomed into the main part of the store.

The Fight is Far From Over - by Citizen Jay

     Welcome to 2016 my fellow travelers! As we reflect on our last rotation around the Sun there are a few salient Cannabis points to 2015 that must not go unmentioned.  The road ahead is clear.  Our task, unfinished as yet, is clearer still.  The full legalization of Cannabis for all adults (and those special children in need) across this nation and indeed the World is our ultimate goal. 

     Of all the people that deserve to be noticed and mentioned this year, Jeff Mizansky comes first to mind.  That Mr. Mizansky survived more than 20 years behind bars for little more than possessing an eighth of Cannabis is remarkable in itself.  He spent a third of his life there.  It is not the cruelty that he endured at the hands of our “injustice system” that leads us all to admire the man. It is the rallying cry that grew up around him that is so distinct.  It is a singular thing when the people stand up to their government and cry for a man’s freedom.  That cry went out across the entire web.  There were billboards.  There were stories.  There were petition drives.  And finally, there was reason.  REASON. 

Purification - by Rebecca Veenstra

     Every New Year I find myself thinking about how this season symbolizes a clean start. A fresh slate? I know...that is not how it really works. Wouldn’t that be cool though? If you could just turn the page and embark on the New Year with out any regard. Just head on out there like it’s all new again?

     I suppose that thinking pattern leads us all to our yearly resolutions-- and insincere promises to improve our lifestyles, to exercise, to sleep more, complain less, be on time more often, save more money, eat less chocolate. 

     So, this year I’m looking to incorporate small life changes. Things that don’t take a heap of effort. This way we start the New Year fresh with out setting ourselves up for failure. Because honestly, who’s really going to turn down M&M’s and actually exercise every day?

2016: Happy New Year - by Adam Brook

     2016 is supposed to be the year that more states go legal. At this point we are waiting to see if MI LEGALIZE has collected enough signatures to make it to the ballot in November. It also looks like a referendum will be needed in Detroit to fix the disaster created by the City Council. Others are skwakin’ but talk is cheap.

     The future for marijuana in Michigan is unknown, but I can tell you it can only get better. Attitudes are changing. Why? Because the old people are dying off. Those with reefer madness mentality who are younger are educatable. You have to start by explaining that they were lied to and prove it. GET INVOLVED as YOU are the future.

Teen Years Anxiety - by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

     It’s 2016!!!  Hopefully your holiday hangovers are done.  Also, I hope, that none of you were pulled over by the police while you were enjoying your merriment.  If you were, you may understand the importance of standing up for your freedoms.  The alternative is to allow what amounts to a bunch of teenagers to keep you from exercising your right to self-determination.

     That is, since it is in the teen years of the 21st century, I think it good to point out that the government actors in our state seem to be acting like teenagers.  And of course, like teenagers, when faced with a situation that is unfamiliar, government actors tend to become anxious and lash out.  That’s exactly what happened since the people of the State of Michigan recognized that marijuana has far reaching medical benefits and voted to legalize marijuana for medical use.  Well, the adults thought they were voting to legalize medical marijuana use.  Problem is, the government actors decided to pronounce that medical marijuana use is “not legal” - it’s just protected. 

MMM Report Feature Artist: Dragonians - by Hemtress Jolene

    Leave it to the Crows, the debut album by Northern Michigan’s Dragonians leaves nothing for the birds!  Fresh on northern Michigan’s hot music scene these guys are jammy and fun.  With hip happening beats that make you want to tap your toes, they echo back to simpler time of melodious melodies.  If you miss the wonderful stylings of band’s like Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground then the music stylings of the Dragonians is definitely for you.  An Indie rock group who recently changed their name from Stereo Artifacts, the Dragonians seem ready to show Michigan’s music scene exactly what they are made of, and that is what they did with their new album Leave It to the Crows.