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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Michigan News for May 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

Legal Driving Limit
Last month the Michigan House voted 107-1 in favor of creating a commission to research and recommend a limit for THC bodily content, similar to that of alcohol in which bodily content of the substance cannot be above 0.08. Unlike other substances, marijuana can be detected in the body long after the “impairing effects” have worn off. This makes it difficult for law enforcement officers to determine who may be safe to drive and who may be driving impaired. It also puts a strain on patients who might be safe to drive, though their blood still contains traces of the drug. Rep. Peter Lucido, who sponsored the bill, said members of the commission will be appointed by Governor Snyder and will include law enforcement officers as well as medical and science professionals. Recommendations for the policy are expected within the next year.

National News for May 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

Housing Guru: 
Connecting Growers and Landlords
Landlords and tenants alike ran into problems when marijuana cultivation became legalized in Colorado. Landlords would find tenants had created a grow in the house they were renting, often making holes in the walls for ventilation. While tenants who had created their own garden would sometimes find themselves locked out by a landlord who was against the plant and had never authorized the grow room in the home. Home Guru was started as a result of these issues. The company connects tenants who would like to grow legally with landlords willing to allow them to grow. Housing Guru acts as a property manager – checking on the property, making repairs, and taking care of any issues that may come up. It also checks out prospective tenants for verifiable income, references, good rental history, and a legal background check. The company has had more landlords approaching them for assistance in renting their properties after learning that most tenants are willing to pay higher than market rent to be able to grow in their home with the landlord’s approval and knowledge. Dan Fortune, a landlord who uses Housing Guru for his 20 properties throughout the state, claims that the tenants ‘who grow in his properties are among the best he has had. Because they are engaged in an activity that many people frown upon, they are quiet.’

World News for May 2016 - by Rachel Bunting

Canada to Start Legalization Process
Canada: When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took office last year, he made the promise to legalize marijuana in the country. Now the Liberal Canadian government has announced it will start putting the promise into action starting next spring. Health Minister Jane Philpott informed the United Nations that the government plans to introduce legislation in the spring of 2017. While she gave no details of the bill itself, she did state that it will “challenge the status quo” of drug policies in other countries and that it will be approached from a “scientific and evidence-based” view. Philpott believes the move to legalization would likely bring a decrease in drug-related crime and the abuse of more harmful substances. Although legalization will be coming, law enforcement will still be cracking down on dispensaries and possession of marijuana until the bill comes into law.

Grow Tip - by Ben Horner

Outdoor Tips w/Dj Short

     While attending a seminar in Gaylord, put together by Michael Thule, Grannies for Grass and OrganiBliss, we had the pleasure of listening to one of Michigan’s most famous growers. Winner of Cannabis Cup Hightimes in Amsterdam, DJ Short has become a legend.

V.G.I.P. Update - by Ben Horner

MI Legalize, MCC, or None of the Above?

      With raids continuing on dispensaries and caregivers across the state, and no relief in site from house bill 4209, the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act, many remain hopefully optimistic that legalization will come to Michigan via the ballot box.  Committee to Ban Fracking and MI Legalize have been thwarted by the state board of canvassers in their attempt to implement a change in the 180 day rule for validating petition signatures. Regardless, until June 1st the two petitions to legalize by means of statutory initiatives from MI Legalize and the Michigan Cannabis Coalition (MCC) will continue to raise funds and pay for professional signature crews and dominate the mainstream news coverage.

Free the Weed 62 - by John Sinclair

     Highest greetings from Detroit, where I’m spending my last week before crossing the ocean to appear at a Detroit Artists Workshop exhibition in London and then on to Amsterdam for as long as I can get away with it.

     April is always a great time for me to be in Michigan, and except for the day-long snowfall at the Hash Bash in Ann Arbor at the top of the month, which didn’t really seem to dampen too many spirits out on the Diag and on Monroe Street for the festivities, I’ve had a great time celebrating the sacred weed in various settings all month.

Darren McCarty Joins the Movement in Gaylord

Gaylord:  Medical Marijuana centers Cloud 45 and D&L re-opened their doors in Gaylord, Michigan. Disputes regarding the legality of medical marijuana dispensaries came after raids citing violations of case law established in People versus McQueen, Hartwick and Tuttle. 

     In March, the City of Gaylord amended its ordinances to allow for Medical Marijuana Provisioning Centers, Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facilities, and Medical Marijuana Extraction Facilities in commercial and industrial districts.  Dispensaries and grow facilities encouraged by the legitimization by local authorities adjusted their business models to comply with changes in the Medical Marijuana Act in the fashion of dispensaries in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Detroit, Lansing, Flint and several others.

The Rantings of a Rebel Conformist - by Adam L. Brook

Post HASH BASH review.......
WOW! Great turn out.....Weather Sucked.....and D’ Mac killed it!
S/O to It’s Ya Boy Jeff and my PERISCOPE fam. Also a shout out to the folks who got their free 45th Anniversary HASH BASH shirt....thanks for reading this....Never know what you may be offered......Like if you are one of the first 5 people to text the words LEGALIZE TODAY GET HIGH TONIGHT to 313-999-0329 for a slap pack...

Let’s Make May Save the Children Month in Michigan! - by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

     Many people ask me questions about issues connected with medical marijuana and their children.  Some of these are as follows: Can the State take my children from me if they find out I am a caregiver/patient?; Can the State take my child if I give him/her medical marijuana for Autism or Epilepsy, or many other illnesses?; and will I lose my children in my divorce because I am a licensed caregiver/patient?

The Shape of Things to Come - by Citizen Jay

     Do you have kids?  Or a baby or a toddler?  Know anybody who does?  [Full disclosure: I AM a parent.]  Here’s something for you to consider.  Let’s say that said kiddo accidentally crawls into the laundry room unnoticed where it just so happens the cat box lives.  What do you think will happen?  What do you think that kid will do?  You know what that kid will do…  And it ain’t pretty…mmmMMMmmm…