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Friday, July 1, 2011

When Cops Act Like Crooks!

It seems day after day we receive emails about good people being mistreated because they are Medical Marijuana Patients, Caregivers or in the MMMP services i.e. Doctors certifications Compassion clubs etc. And it’s not the criminal element robbing our Michigan residents, it seems to be the Police and Prosecutors! I have never seen such a blatant abuse of police and prosecutor powers in my lifetime like those currently happening today. We should all be outraged at this seemingly complete dismissal of the Medical Marijuana laws that were overwhelmingly passed in 2008.

They were just going after the compassion clubs and dispensaries, now it seems to have gone to awhole new level of thievery and has expanded to the doctor certification centers. Here is the latest! On May 3rd, Clinton Twp. Police led by Lt. Demick raided American Medical Marijuana Professional's certification center. This facility is a licensed medical office by the city of Roseville, not a dispensary, compassion club, growing facility, or anything to do with handling of that the actual medicine. Many of you know Tom French, a hard working construction guy that has branched out to help MMMP patients with doctor referrals. He is also known as the first promoter to really get the this movement more main stream by renting the Suburban Collection (formally known as the Rock Financial Showplace) in Novi , having the best Expo yet that I’ve attended.

They raided this facility during business hours with 20 patients and the doctor in the office. Without any regard for their medical conditions, patients were terrorized and interrogated along with the staff and the doctor for over 5 hours! As if that wasn’t enough, they searched everyone’s car too, according to Mr. French. They confiscated the doctor's car, office computers, office files, & medical records. Simultaneously, they raided the owner Tom French's home in Warren and Dr. Dean Fior's home in Troy. They also confiscated Mr. French's vehicle and his wife's car. Police seized all bank accounts including savings, checking, and also home computers, cell phones & cash. The police also confiscated $ 110,000 from Dr. Dean Firo's personal safe but only giving him a receipt for $92,000 according to reports. No charges have been filed, or expect to be filed,
due to the fact there was no wrong doing at AMMP. Armed with the asset forfeiture law, the police departments have an ideal way to fund their pet projects and line their personal pockets by targeting innocent, hard working people.

Earlier this month as I interviewed Tom French, his attorney indicated to him it may take up to 6 months for all of this property and assets to be returned! Huge legal fees will be paid and no charges will be filed. What would you call this? We call it legal robbery, sanctioned by our elected officials.

We can only wonder what their cut is! AMMP has reopened business at 28349 Gratiot. Please contact Tom French at 1-877-RX-420-99 Macomb County residents take notice, you could be next!

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