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Friday, September 30, 2011

Mother Natures Corner by Debi Bair

Hello, welcome back to mother natures corner. This month I’d like to introduce you to the healing herb Golden Rod. The botanical name, Solidago Canadensis or Solidago Virgaurea, is from theasteracea family, the name Solidago means to make “whole”. With the chill of autumn in the air,
a field of golden rod is one of my favorite sights, they resemble a field of sunshine. She is a beautiful perennial herb usually growing up  to four feet tall, with alternating leaves and a large plum of golden glory on the top. These golden plums flower from the top to the bottom. The flowers can be used for tanning leather or dying cotton and wool, just cook the flowers in simmering water for one hour. This versatile herb can also be used as a food source. You may add the fresh leaves and flowers in salad, If you love cooked greens, try preparing the leaves as you would spinach for a new treat.

Golden Rod has been used for years in her native Europe as a diuretic to treat and prevent urinary tract infections as well as kidney stones.
Golden Rod is filled with bioflavanoids (immune
boosting antioxidant) which also help strengthen veins and capillaries making her a good choice for those who suffer with varicose veins. The tea of golden rod is also great support in treating tuberculosis, diabetes, an enlarged liver, gout, hemorrhoids, internal bleeding, asthma and arthritis. She is also a nourishing ally for upper respiratory infections with mucous build up. The tea is also excellent for muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome and it lowers your blood pressure! Externally, she helps with the skin condition eczema, slow healing wounds, insect bites, ulcers,sore throat (gargle) as well as yeast infections. German researchers have found the saponins (chemical compound found in plants) in the leaves of this herb showed cytoxicity (toxic to the cells) toward tumor cells associated with prostate, breast, melanoma, and lung cancers.

In conclusion, I hope the next time you see Golden Rod, you smile at her golden
flags she waves with the wind. Please keep in mind, rag weed blooms at the same time as golden rod in our area, so don’t shun this golden gift, you probably aren’t allergic to her. As with all of mother natures gifts, please consult your physician prior to usage and for dosing instructions.

Until next time my friends, get out there and get harvesting.

Debi Bair

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