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Friday, November 1, 2013

The Cheryl Shuman Experience

by: Jenna Poag

Despite all the sporting rivalry between Michigan and Ohio, during the month of October, we got on the same team to raise Medical Marijuana awareness and welcome a pioneer in the industry back to her birthplace of Ohio and to our great state of Michigan; Cheryl Shuman. Dubbed the “Cheryl Shuman Tour 2013”, Cheryl’s adventures took her all over her home state of Ohio, as well as throughout southern Michigan, fighting on behalf of medical legalization with the Ohio Rights Group.
If you are unfamiliar with Cheryl Shuman, feel rest assured that it won’t last long as she crisscrosses the nation, fighting for Medical Marijuana rights and bringing information to the forefront so that the public can better understand cannabis as a medicine and make educated choices on not only how to vote during election time when these things come up on the ballot, but also allow them to research alternative ways to treat their debilitating diseases and illnesses that would otherwise be treated with harmful and even dangerous pharmaceuticals.

Cheryl, as a survivor of cancer, has had first-hand experience with the prescriptions and treatments meant to save lives, that actually end up making an individual’s last days miserable and lost due to pharmaceutical fog and side effects. When diagnosed with cancer, her situation was deemed fatal enough to insist that she put her affairs in order and prepare for the end. As a Mother, she made all the necessary arrangements for the day that would come when she would no longer be a part of this world, and chose to spend those last days “working with alternative health practitioners” as a kind of last resort that no one believed would result in a change in her condition. Now, Cheryl believes these individuals, and, moreover, her alternative medicinal choices are the reason for her survival and the remission of her cancer. One of the alternative medicinal choices offered to Cheryl was Medical Cannabis. After utilizing this alternative medicine, doctors saw significant shrinkage in the growth and emergence of Cheryl’s tumors, and Cheryl worked diligently to become a legal, certified Medical Cannabis patient.
Since becoming a patient, Cheryl has founded the Beverly Hills chapter of NORML, is a founding charter member of NORML Women’s Alliance, was a founding member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, as well as leading operations at Kush magazine, and has went on to create the iconic and exclusive Beverly Hills Cannabis Club.

As a Mother, Cheryl works very closely with Moms for Marijuana and is very vocal about the many benefits of being a “Marijuana Mom”, stressing that the medicine does more than just help aid in the good health and well-being of the Mother, but that it also makes Moms more relaxed, playful, and better at parenting their children. Like many other female Medical Cannabis patients, she claims that smoking marijuana “makes them better parents and better wives”. Commonly referred to as the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana”, Cheryl has made interview appearances on many popular television programs as an “out of the closet” cannabis user and proud “Marijuana Mom”, raising medicinal awareness and fighting for legalization, on such programs as The View, and more recently, Dr. Phil.
Media maven that she is, Cheryl is a powerhouse, creating innovation and growth within the entertainment industry, but as a Medical Cannabis activist, she is a force to be reckoned with, battling on behalf of patients, parents, and females to create massive change and transformation within the Cannabis industry and blazing a bright trail of green as she as she goes.

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