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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dietary Cannabis-“The Poster Child for Raw Food”

The Benefits of Raw Cannabis Juice with Dr. William Courtney
By Chelsea Shaker

Juicing raw cannabis is one of the best ways a patient can relieve their debilitating condition. Patients are becoming aware of juicing as a means to an end of their suffering with overwhelming success rates throughout the country, if not the world, with the help of Dr. William Courtney. His constant advocacy for: the benefits of raw cannabis juice, actual treatments for patients with the juicing, and continuous research have made him a household name for those seeking an alternative to prescription drugs or smoking cannabis.

Dr. Courtney is the founder of Cannabis International and is a Mendecino County, California physician who has worked with over 7,000 patients. Using raw cannabis leaves and juicing them with other fruits and vegetables not only relieves symptoms of illness, but is great for your general health.
Dr. Courtney explains, “The main compound in dried, aged cannabis is delta-9 THC, which is absent in the raw, fresh leaf. In general, patients do not experience a ‘high’ from consuming the raw product. However, other compounds in the plant, such as the terpenes [which give cannabis it’s specific smell], may have an effect on mood or energy levels.”
“Raw bud has a higher concentration of cannabinoids than leaves and is an excellent method of consumption if you have the resources to make this possible. Both are extremely beneficial but they are best combined….Bud should be at the state where the trichomes are fully present but not yet amber (cloudy is best). Leaves for eating or juicing should be picked from plants well into flowering stage.” Using raw cannabis is 200 to 400 times stronger in medicinal/dietary beneficial properties than heating cannabis.
Dr. Courtney explains, although juicing with raw cannabis is beneficial to patients suffering from debilitating conditions, it may take “three days to be appreciated. Others build for weeks. Full clinical benefits may take four to eight weeks to take effect. It takes that long for the plant (phyto) cannabinoids to fully saturate the body’s apidose (fat) tissue. Phytocannabinoids are store in the fat tissue, as are the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.” Using a general “5 milligrams per kilogram” method, most conditions can benefit from this alternative use.
70% of Courtney’s patients suffer from muscle spasms, which use medicinal cannabis juice to ease their symptoms.
Risk potentials are to be considered for those with kidney or gallbladder issues, patients with Hypercalciuria type 2 (calcium kidney stone disease), Enteric Hyperoxaluria (also called Bird’s disease) or Primary hyperoxaluria (a genetic build up of oxalates that create kidney stones and kidney damage.)
As we are not medical physicians and are simply offering an alternative solution based on success from Dr. Courtney, we urge you to refer to your bona fide physician before attempting a diet plan that includes raw cannabis juicing, making sure it best suits you and your medical condition.

The new age of medical marijuana needs to consider strongly Dietary Cannabis. The use of marijuana as a dietary supplement  in the form of CBD-Acid and THC-Acid has been considered and promoted from countless groups working for marijuana rights. Those who may benefit from cannabis juicing are those suffering from:
Multiple Sclerosis
Brain Trauma
Menstrual issues
Chronic Pain
Other Benefits of Raw Cannabis Juice:
Immune Modulating
Bone Stimulation
Pain Relieving
“I guarantee you, outside of water, there is nothing more that you need in your life on a dietary basis than this plant”
-Dr William Courtney
*Quotes taken, in part, from live footage from “The Raw Truth” Conference held at Genesys Regional Medical Center in Grand Blanc, Michigan October 12, 2012 and other various online Q&A sessions with Dr. Courtney


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