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Friday, August 1, 2014

Pure Neem Extract vs. Neem Oil by James E. Kostrava

     Articles written in Sanskrit show that people have been using neem for thousands of years.  Neem seeds are pressed and what oozes out is neem oil. But starting in 2005, research scientists that retired from a global chemical company found a way to extract the pure neem extract from neem seeds – capturing 92% of the bioactive ingredients from the Neem trees in Africa.

     This pure neem extract is a highly concentrated liquid that you mix with water [two drops per one ounce of water] and apply to your plants as a foliar spray once a week.  They instantly take on the properties of the robust, healthy Neem trees from Africa.

     In May of 2013, an author named, “Grubbycup” wrote an outstanding feature-length article titled, “Blessed by Neem” that was published in Maximum Yield USA magazine.  It is the best explanation I’ve seen of how and why pure neem extract works the way it does.  According to Grubbycup, extracts from the neem tree are often used to treat a variety of insect problems. Pests that can be treated with them include: aphids, beetles, cockroaches, flies, fruit flies, fungal infections, grasshoppers, leafminers, mosquitoes, moths, nematodes, snails, spider mites and thrips.  Neem is an EPA-approved pesticide that is not only fairly non-toxic to people and animals, but also to beneficial insects including bees.

     Doc Deadhead, winner of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Report 2013 Conference: Ann Arbor Caregiver Cup [1st Place: Best Hybrid]; Michigan Medical Marijuana Report 2013 Conference: Traverse City Green Cup [3rd Place: Best Hybrid]; and Arborside Dispensary Cup [1st Place for water extract] swears by Organibliss™ for its growth enhancement and pest control.  Doc wrote, “The only thing I changed in my formula is adding Organibliss twice a week to my plants up until 4 weeks in flower (sparingly misting low leaves and main stems during flower).

     Organibliss took my plants to the next level that I was not able to reach without it. Plain and simple this product increased yield by 30-50% and the % of potency [over 24% THC] speaks for itself.” 

     I asked Doc Deadhead if he recommends using any other plant nutrients along with Organibliss™.  He recommends Natures Nectar by, all natural, organic nutrients as simple as it gets. Just N, P and K [Nitrogen / Potassium / Phosphorus.]  He also said that adding a bit of molasses (1/4 tsp per gallon.) once or twice during flowering increases the food for beneficial bacteria at the root zone, however if using fairly high ppm like 1800-2000 or more the salt build up in the soil will kill beneficial bacteria when the soil dries out so more bacteria should be introduced every watering. A large majority of the sugars made by the plant are actually given to the bacteria at the root zone to make them happy and healthy so they will stick around and do their job, he said.

     Doc Deadhead has conducted extensive field trials and testing of Organibliss™ and is entering three different strains in the High Times Cannabis Cup – Flint competition the end of July.

     Quoting Grubbycup: One of the most potent components in neem is the limonoid Azadirachtin, which causes some insect larvae to be unable to metamorphosize, and thus prevent them from becoming adults and reproducing.

     He said that Azadirachtin is similar in structure to the hormones used by insects to control development. Once introduced, it blocks the normal functioning of these hormones, and prevents the insects from becoming sexually mature. It is also responsible for a fair amount of neem’s repellant properties.  Neem also contains the limonoids salannin and meliantriol (both inhibit feeding) and nimbin, which has antiviral properties.

     The extraction process is complicated, but the basic concept is simple: capture the biotechnology of robust, healthy trees [Neem] that have adapted to the harsh climates of sub-Saharan Africa and transfer those properties to our plants here.  Organibliss™ controls harmful pests and plant diseases, and unlike synthetic pesticides increases yield an average of 30 to 50%.  And it is all natural, organic, and OMRI Listed for organic use.

Organibliss™ is an all natural plant growth enhancer [fertilizer] that:

     •  Controls harmful pests such as spider mites
     •  Controls plant diseases such as Powdery Mildew
     •  Significantly increases the yield [average of 30 – 50%].  

James E. Kostrava, is CEO & Founder of Organibliss, LLC.  He can be reached at (989) 839-2342 or email:

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