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Monday, September 8, 2014

Hell No! Bill Schuette’s Got To Go! - by Ben Horner

     Mark Totten, the challenger to the incumbent Michigan Attorney General, is currently behind in the polls leading up to this November’s midterm election. Michigan’s current Attorney General, Bill Schuette, is despised by more then just medical marijuana patients. He has pissed off almost every group, besides the right wing neocons and the Christian base.  It comes to no surprise that the current attorney general has come out again, against the local petition drives to remove penalties for basic possession of marijuana. Regardless, most of the petitions are going directly on the ballot regardless of the reservations from the current administration. The question is, can Mark Totten dethrone Billy “Bong” Schuette this November?

     Mark Totten has given his commitment to aid MMJ patients and caregivers if he is elected this November. Totten seems to have a completely different take on the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. He has done the research and believes that cannabis does have medicinal value and that the confusion regarding the MMMA has been caused in a large part by the current attorney general. In a brief meeting, Totten told us that if elected he would put an end to the senseless legal opinions coming out of Lansing on the marijuana issue. Mark is also concerned with the rights of LGBT with regards to marriage, legal opinions that threaten Michigan’s environment, civil rights issues, and many others. Unfortunately, he does not have the sort of funding that Bill Schuette does. 

     Schuette can afford to piss people off. With almost 1.9 million in the bank he seems pretty comfortable. No wonder why he isn’t concerned with the LGBT community that has come out against him for fighting against gay marriage. Environmentalists have had serious concerns with Schuette in his opinions that have marginalized clean up efforts in Chesapeake bay, discredited the Clean Air Act and countless other pollution issues.    

     Regardless of Schuette and Governor Snyder’s opinion that the local petition drives are inaccurate, 15 cities will be on the ballot to remove local penalties for basic possession of marijuana. According to the currant attorney general, local police can still charge people for possession under state law. Obviously, they don’t care about the will of the people they govern. Which makes sense when you follow the money.  Schuette has deep ties to the Devos family, Dow Chemical and much of the rest of Michigan’s rich elite.

     If Schuette was defeated and all 15 cities pass these ballot initiatives, an end to the war on cannabis in Michigan could likely be in our immediate future. Vote Green in 2014!

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