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Monday, September 8, 2014

Outside Thoughts - by Adam Brook

     WOW...As I write this the National Guard is being called into Ferguson.......

Happy I am safe here in Oakland County, MI.

     As many of you have heard, we saw flooding in this area that was unprecedented. So why would I bring it up? A two reasons...#1 SAFTEY – If you have a grow, have all your electrical done by a licensed electrician. My buddy called me all excited because his leak alarm went off, he went into his grow to find water on the floor. However his water was coming up from the drain not out of his hydro set up....The first thing he did was go to his in room circuit breaker and kill the power to the room...He was able to get his plants upstairs before they were impacted. Then he described a mad dash to unhook lights and ballasts and get them upstairs as the water kept rising.......Why was my buddy excited? I had suggested to him that he have my buddy do his electrical. As a master electrician he does everything to code. So one push of a button and the grow room with 2 inches of water on the floor was not an electrical hazard.....#2 There will be a shortage of weed in this area with all the crops that were lost. If you have a mother plant, CLONES CLONES CLONES.......

     Now back to your regularly scheduled programing.....well not quite....I had promised a list of the books I read while in prison......bear with me they are coming........

     Out in my travels I heard something very interesting. A friend tells me that his buddy was hanging with the Senator and was told that he will be getting one of the state licenses that will be available... Now this lead to a long conversation about whether this is something I have been fighting for for the last 20+ years. Personally I have never been for any regulation. How do you regulate something I can grow in my home? But the question is would I be willing to accept some regulation in exchange for???? That’s where I get lost. What do I get in exchange for paying a tax or obeying some silly limit? The threat of penalty doesn’t work for everyone......So you create a silly situation when like in Amsterdam where you can buy weed over the counter in hundreds of places but they bust grow ops....Just silly. And this is America, so I expect the political corruption....

     Speaking of political corruption, Marc Emery was released on Tues Aug. 12th. Our man Richard Clement went to the welcome ceremony in Windsor....I know Richard passed on our regrets for what was done to Marc and his wife Jodi. Marc is out with a vengeance....Watch out Canada!

     What is your knowledge base when it comes to Marijuana?
Do you think you know who discovered THC? I did. I knew it to be Israeli Dr. Raphael Mechoulam. Then I read a blog post by Judith Stamps......Never heard of Roger Adams, have you? How about the Adams Scale?

     Now this is not to discredit Dr. Mechoulam, he is a great scientist who is responsible for a lot of good THC science.

I suggest you check it out: or .

     I also want to give kudos to CHUCK REAM. At The High Times Cup in Flint he was presented with the Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award. This was a well deserved award. Chuck has done some amazing things over the years. I remember the 74%, CHUCK did that......I see a man who is beating the drum of progress. He is a major part of the effort to place local ballot initiatives before the people. We are winning the war, and it’s because of people like Chuck Ream. Chuck is a hard working guy. If you can help his cause I suggest you do. Trust me, doing what he does, one always needs support.

     Which kinda brings me to my next question.......What are you doing to advance the cause? Smoking copious amounts of weed is not the answer. Have you called an elected officials to tell them your thoughts on weed? Have you written letters to you elected representatives? Have you stood on a street corner with a LEGALIZE WEED sign? How about wearing you pot message shirt to the grocery or family gathering? Every little bit helps.....My grandfather, who lives in a retirement community in Florida, wears his HASH BASH 2014 shirt all the time....He tells me its a real head turner....I think he’s trolling for chicks when he wears it......

     HEY, I made PLAYBOY! Sept 2014, pg 71.......That’s me Adam Brook....for the record, I knew this article was coming. I got out just in time. Had a hell of a time...Met Johnny Bench, Mean Joe Greene, Ryan Klesko, John Rocker, Pete Rose, Ron Blomberg, Jon Hamm, Al Kaline, and Jim Leyland....Got a private tour of the Little League Museum in Williamsport. Hung out in Cooperstown for induction week with Klesko and Rocker ( what a pair!).....While the adventure was more than fun, I had a feeling that I was in the wrong place. I belong with my pot people. We still have work to do.
So I’m back.

Where to start?

     MI-NORML! Why NORML? Pretty simple, It’s the name people know. Its the brand that has recognition and we should get the most out it. You don’t have to know or like what MI-NORML does, that’s ok, you’ll learn.....Understand that most people who know what NORML stands for have no idea what they actually do........As a membership organization Mi-NORML DOES what YOU want it to. Get involved and make something happen. It costs $25 to become a member. (that’s the cost of an 1/8th, you can afford it.....) You get a t-shirt with your membership...WEAR IT! Buy extras, wear those.......Let people know that you support the cause.....

     What would you think of an Adam Brook Cannabis Competition? I am thinking REAL cash prizes for best looking bud, best indica, best sativia, best candy, best baked goods, and best concentrate. If you are interested in being a part of such an event let me know. Still working out the details. I can be reached at or 313-999-0329....

     Feel free to drop me a note at or call/text me at 313-999-0329 if you have questions or comments...

Life is short, Smoke HARD!


Adam Brook

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