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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MMM Report Spotlight: The Green Room - by Ben Horner

     Choices for medical marijuana patients are ever-expanding in Detroit and surrounding areas. My favorite new place in Detroit is The Green Room. The proprietors bring top quality to a safe location on Mack Avenue, right next to Gross Pointe.

     Having grown up in that area, I was excited to check the place out.  Ultra-knowledgeable staff opened The Green Room up to the MMM Report and allowed us to take a sneak peak at the new scene on the East Side of Detroit, which is setting a new standard of excellence.

     For owner Dan Van Lacken, medical marijuana is a serious issue that will forever be close to his heart. Dan explained to us how he had lost his wife, Annette Van Lacken to cancer:

     “Medical marijuana gave her a better quality of life,” explained Van Lacken. “She used hash oil capsules and it really helped reduce her pain and anxiety, but the cancer had already spread throughout her body.”

     Dan’s face told the all-too-familiar story. He hopes to help people and explained that marijuana helps so many people. “I feel better about medical marijuana than alcohol and most other substances.”

    Being on Mack Avenue is a perfect location- close to Gross Pointe, in an exceptionally decent area the location makes patients feel comfortable. A warm, smiling security officer welcomes patients as they enter The Green Room.  Once inside, patients are cared for by an impressive staff, which has impressive experience in the industry.  Some of the management have multiple years of work-study in California, working with West Coast Cannabis Wizards. You can really see and smell the quality of the meds on the shelf. Management explains that the key is to know the best growers.


Quotes from actual patients:

"First time today. Will be back. Good staff. Close to home, location good. Nice freebies for first timers!"
-Smokey76, via Weedmaps

“I LOVE THIS DISPENSARY and dread revealing my ‘honey pot’...but I must give credit to this place for having the

-Erica, patient

“Absolute bliss... definitely a place that you want to see!”
-Anonymous patient

“Bud quality is top notch. Very friendly.”
-Weedmaps reviewer

Go in and see for yourself! The Green Room is located at:

18495 Mack Ave.
Gross Pointe, MI 48236

They are open everyday from 10-8. To contact them, call: (313) 423-6892

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