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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Product Review: Buttonless Oil Pen from o2VAPE - by Joe Dauphinais

     It is becoming more common knowledge everyday that vaporizing is a healthier and more economic way to utilize essential oils and extracts than traditional combustion methods. Feeling health-conscious lately, I was excited for the chance to try out the original buttonless oil pen from o2Vape.

     With so many different pens on the market today, choosing the right one can be daunting. I’ve tried several different models of vapes over the last couple of years,  with varying degrees of satisfaction and disappointment. This oil pen lives up to the claims that its ‘perfect puff’ technology delivers a consistent experience every time.

     I chose a black version of the vape pen, and I went with the ‘slim pack’ option, which does not disappoint. The pen and cartridge, along with the USB charger came all together in a slim case that is smaller than my cell phone. I really like the hard shell case that this pen came with, which protects your pen while in transit. I find that keeping the vape pen in this case made me feel much more confident that the pen wouldn’t slip out of my pocket at inopportune times.

     As far as the performance of the pen itself is concerned, I am very happy with this little accessory. The battery life is unrivaled, and recharges quickly and easily with the included USB charger. I puffed on mine regularly for almost a week before I needed to recharge the battery.

     Puffing on this pen is a treat. With no buttons to press, or temperature settings to mess with, the ease and convenience that this pen offers are second to none. I am able to get a good draw out of the pen, which is pre-programmed to vaporize for a generous amount of time per puff. Other oil pens seem to shut off before you can get a satisfactory ‘hit’ out of them, but the o2Vape oil pen allows you to medicate on your terms.

     In all, I would recommend this pen to anybody who can get good Co2 extracts, but that is also the only drawback of this device. If you cannot find the proper extracts to load the pen with, the company offers a great little herbal vaporizer called the ‘Dryonic’. But for those of you who can get your hands on good oil regularly, you must get one of these pens. For discretion and convenience, there is really no better option.

     O2Vape is a Michigan-based company, so if you get one for yourself, you can be proud to be supporting the local economy. The customer service team is located right here in the Great Lakes State, waiting to process your order. For more info, visit:

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