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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

An Interview With Mr. Hash Bash - by Ben Horner


     Adam Leslie Brook (AKA Mr. Hash Bash) was born in March, 28th, 1968. Adam’s first attendance of Hash Bash was in 1987 at the age of 19, and can be seen in the July 1988 Issue of High Times. “Its a crowd shot from the roof and you can see me in my tan cowboy hat and black leather jacket that had a grateful dead painting on the back,” reminisces Mr. Hash Bash. He gave us an exclusive in is own words.

Who was the first to call you Mr. Hash Bash?

     “I have no idea, but I resisted it for a while before embracing it. Just like being called a legend.... John Sinclair is a legend...but I have done some legendary I begrudgingly accept it.”

     Brook became emcee of the Ann Arbor Hash bash in 1993 and continued the tradition until 2011. He was instrumental in the formation of the MMM Report and introduced us to John Sinclair. While in prison, Adam wrote a column in this magazine. 

     “2011 wasn’t anything spectacular other than it was my last Hash Bash in control.“ 

How did it feel passing the baton when you went to prison?

“The event has a much larger persona than it is in actuality. When I heard they flew a guy in (1st class), who took in $36 million I knew the event I loved and protected was now being pimped out.... “ 

How do you feel now being back? 

“I spent decades getting the who’s who of the cannabis world to come to Hash Bash on their own dime and these kids pay pay pay...”

What are you looking forward to most this year?

“I wait every year to be invited to speak. It’s a great feeling when that call comes, not as good as when I light that first joint up on the diag, but close.”

What is your favorite memory when you hosted the event?

     “I look forward to seeing the crowd build and getting the people to fire one up.”

What are some of your favorite memories?

     “My two favorite memories are the year I sat the crowd down to stop the arrest of smokers and the year I wrestled the flag away from a guy that was trying to burn it.... oh and the year a guy grabbed the microphone from Ed Rosenthal...”

Why did the guy grab the microphone from Ed Rosenthal?

“Crazy anti pot guy.”  Instigator? “Yes...just some guy wanting to get his ass beat.”

Would you describe Hash Bash as a protest?  

     “That’s all it ever was or should be...the ultimate fuck you to the man...pass any law you want...we’re still gonna get high.”

Is it still a protest, or is it a cannabis industry takeover?

     “There is no “industry” behind it or they would figure out how to make money off of it as that’s what industry does.... no it’s been taken over by the out-of-towners who have their egos and local businesses to promote.”

Is that an ok thing?

     “It is what it is.... not something I would do, but I’m old fashioned.” 

What does Mr. Hash Bash have planned for the future? And how can people get a hold of you?

     “Events, a few weed events over the summer... got invited to do an Expo in Detroit (sans cop raid), and of course the planning for Hash Bash Cup 2018 has already began.... I can be reached at (313) 999-0329”                       

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  1. Great article. Tis true though that the Hash Bash has lost it's meaning as a protest event. Greed has taken over and what was once an event that "we the people" looked forward to especially when all you had to do was ask if you could say a few words and the mic was handed to you. Now it's only invited speakers and most of them are paid to speak and come from monied interests. Thanks Adam for making the Hash Bash the protest we all loved to come attend every year.

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