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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Grow Tip: The Mystery of Skunkwerks - by Ben Horner

     Most growers buy nutrients to feed their plants. When you go enter a grow store the choices are endless. Dozens of companies have product “lines,” or proprietary regiments that work exclusively together. This typically means you cannot buy just one bottle of nutrients, because you need the full line of that brand to get everything your plant needs. SkunkWerksRx proves that you don’t need 3-12 different products to grow killer meds.

     SkunkWerksRx tends to mystify advanced growers. As an all-in-one, or still simple two-part program the concept of having nitrogen throughout the crops entire grow cycle is mind boggling for some.  How could SkunkwerksRx possibly get good results with such a regiment? To demystify the machinations of SkunkwerksRx, we spoke with master grower Danny Fuller, from Head in the Cloud Genetics.

     “Some People just don’t get it because they have been mixing chemicals like a mad scientist for years.  A healthy plant knows what it needs and the roots will discern what nutrients it wants. Personally, I stop feeding my plants nutrients four weeks prior to harvesting regardless.  SkunkWerksRx works great all by it self up until that point. When the plant gets to four weeks from harvest, I flush using RO water and Hydrozyme, This helps to strip the roots of any build up. Then after flushing I use Microb life (Photosynthesis Plus) Helps the plant turn the light into energy, and Botanicare (Silica Blast) to strengthen the cells an structure of the plant Botanicare (Cal-Mag) to help with vigorous growth of the plant, for the last few weeks of flower.”

     So that’s the mystery man. If you’re a Master Grower like Danny, maybe you would still prefer to add other products to really push it, but this is still way cheaper and easier then a three-part regiment. Or maybe you’re looking for something less expensive but something that will still work with known additives that you believe benefit your meds? SkunkWerksRx works well with sweeteners, bud hardeners and terpene enhancers.  SkunkWerksRx is made in Michigan and is not yet available through the big hydro distributors so not every grow store has it. If you want to talk to them the just call the toll-free number and you can call them direct.

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