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Thursday, June 1, 2017

An Interview with Steve Embree of Snap36 - by Peter Boehm

I recently sat down with Steve Embree, President of Snap36, to find out why the cannabis industry needs to bring its products to life with 360 photography.

What is 360 product photography?

Steve: 360 product photography is surprisingly simple. It’s just a bunch of photos of a product shot at different angles to create a sequence of pictures. The sequence of pictures is stitched together, like a flipbook, to give an interactive view around the product. When viewing a 360 photo online, consumers can use a mouse or finger to “spin” the product, rotate, and zoom on any angle to see specific details. This ability gives consumes complete control over how they visually engage with a product.

What is the value to cannabis consumers?

Steve: At the end of the day, 360 photography is about helping consumers fully understand the product they are going to buy. It gives a realistic sense of a product that is the next best thing to physically holding it. 360 photography is particularly important for consumers who rely on online imagery to make purchase decisions, such as those who drive long distances to buy their medicine or those who are unable to go to the dispensary themselves. By providing a high level of visual information, 360 photography increases consumer purchase confidence in both the product and the brand.

Why should dispensaries take notice?

Steve: Cannabis is a competitive market. Dispensaries, which are very regulated in how they can advertise and promote their products, need to find the best way to differentiate themselves on the online directories that connect them to consumers. From its trim to its trichomes, cannabis is often judged on its look. Dispensaries that use 360 product photography are communicating to their consumers that they stand behind their products and that they are willing to take any extra step to help consumers make an informed and educated decision.

What results have you seen?

Steve: Benefits of 360 photography are experienced in nearly every stage of the sales cycle. For starters, 360 photography increases engagement when consumers research products online. We’ve seen average visit duration increase 66% after 360 product photos were added to a webpage. Increased engagement leads to increased conversions, it shifts a consumer’s mindset from browsing to buying. Another Snap36 customer reports that 360 product photos increased average conversion rates by 47%. All of this translates to higher consumer trust and more brand loyalty. Results like these can elevate the level of digital sophistication throughout the cannabis industry.

Come visit Snap36 and CBD Wellness Depot at the High Time Cannabis Cup, June 24-25 in Clio, Michigan. We’ll be showcasing 360 photography at the CBD Wellness Depot booth.

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