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Thursday, June 1, 2017

GROW TIP: Growing Outdoors - by Ben Horner

     In Michigan, an outdoor grow is only legal if done in a specific manner.. Collectively, judges have defined “locked and enclosed facility” through a number of case opinions. Paraphrasing from disparate jurisdictions, the judges collectively require 6 planes (roof, 4 walls and floor). Must not be accessible to those without a key only if tools are required to enter (the enclosure must not be susceptible to spontaneous, casual break-in). It must not by itself be “bait”, making known that it is a grow.

     Many outdoor growers do soil testing which can give great insight as to what to feed your plants. Using peat based soil from the grow store to fill in is perfect. They don’t make the planting hole much bigger then a 15 gallon pot.  To keep those plants healthy,vibrant and at maximum production, using SkunksWerks is highly recommended. Because it is and ionic, all in one product the plants will only take up through their roots what the plant needs.  Advanced outdoor growers use 3 ounces of the SkunkWerks All-in-One mixed with five gallons of water one to two times per week, watering with straight water the rest of the time. This is the cheapest way to go to produce west coast quality buds.

     Plan on giving each plant plenty of space to grow. Green houses are great, but they after get crowded out. Chain link fence is a favorite, allowing greatest air flow and flexible construction. 

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