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Thursday, June 1, 2017

U.W.S. Holdings: Revolutionizing the Industry - by Joe Dauphinais

     We recently made a little trek to check out United We Stand Holdings, where we met Robb LaPeen. Robb is the founder of UWS, and a medical marijuana patient. I got a chance to sit down with Robb, and speak with him about how his company came to be.

     Robb started his journey with cannabis ten years ago, when he was diagnosed with a sickness called idiopathic thrombocytopenic platelet disease, which is a blood disease that severely impacted his immune system.

     Robb was being sustained with steroids and blood transfusions over a twelve day stay in the intensive care unit. With a dangerously low platelet count, the steroids were prescribed to help boost production, but the side effects of the medication were so severe that more medication was prescribed to counter those side effects, snowballing until Robb was on seventeen different prescription medications daily. His spleen was removed, and he was recommended radiation therapy. "That's where I drew the line." Robb said emphatically.

     When looking for an alternative treatment, Robb found Rick Simpson, who showed Robb how to make RSO. Once Robb started the RSO treatments, he immediately withdrew from his staggering daily regimen of prescription medication, and solely used Rick Simpson's oil. Prior to that, Robb had no experience with cannabis, as it was illegal for most of his life.

     Robb states that he immediately felt better, his platelet count is up, and he feels better than ever. He uses cannabis salves for aches and pains, and also utilizes other healing herbs in addition to cannabis. He made it his mission to help other people, and has been doing so for the last ten years. With the methods he learned from Rick Simpson, Robb now develops different strain-specific RSO, more potent and more affordable  than when he first discovered the medicine.

     That is why he started United We Stand, to make it possible for "average to low-income person to get involved in the billion dollar cannabis industry." UWS is a parent company over several other companies, which employs more than sixty percent disabled workers.

     With various services including a medicated smoothie cafe, cannabis testing, medication delivery, and an upcoming hemp museum, UWS offers a wide varity of patient services, with much more planned for the future.

     Robb plans on opening more franchises in the future, and intends to  employ veterans and the disabled. He plans to start a magazine, a gym, as well as a university and training center.

     UWS is letting patients and caregivers invest in the company by selling shares. If you are interested in investing, or would like to consult with them for any of their other services, call (810)

547-7276 or go to

UWS Management:
Troy Boquette, President & CEO | Bobby Hill, Chief Technology Officer
Kirk Bogner, General Manager, | Robb LaPeen, Founding Member

WHO: United We Stand Holdings, Inc. (UWSH) is offering up to 100 shares per person in this up and coming business opportunity.

WHAT: You have the opportunity to buy shares in an employee owned company with a mission to heal patients with natural products in a non-traditional way. Our motto is "Get Healthy, Not High."

WHEN: The time is now! Michigan residents can buy up to 100 shares at $200 each. Once the first 25,000 shares are sold, there will be another opportunity to buy at a price of $1,000 for each share. Non-Michigan residents may purchase shares at $1,000 each.

WHERE: You can purchase shares online at or by calling the President/CEO - Troy Boquette @ (989) 598-2463 or our Founder - Robb LaPeen at (810 265-9218

WHY: Merril Lynch says that this industry will exceed 7 billion dollars and you could be part of this movement. United We Stand Holdings, Inc. is revolutionizing the caregiver/patient healing experience. In 24 months, UWSH is projected to start paying dividends per share for all those who have purchased them. These shares will pay out a portion of the Net profit of UWSH.

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