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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Cover Story: MiWEEDJOBS.COM Has Arrived! - by MMM Report

The launch of the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) in Michigan offers a great opportunity for some business owners. In 2018 the state will issue protected licenses in five different industries: cannabis cultivation, testing, processing, transport and distribution.

The state already has hundreds of businesses in the patient services industry performing these tasks, and has since 2009. The licensed MMFLA businesses are displacing the current market, which means upheaval among business ownership- and the loss of jobs for literally thousands of Michigan citizens who have already made their living in those five industries.

Confounding the issue is a set of MMFLA-mandated requirements for employees, management and ownership. Who qualifies? In which businesses is a criminal background check necessary before a company can hire a person? Which jobs allow you to work in the industry and still be a caregiver for your patients?

Workers and management trying to re-enter the job market under the new regulations are confused and discouraged. How can they make a connection to business owners they have never met before, most of whom do not even have a brick-and-mortar shop up and running yet?

There is a solution, and it comes in the form of the website. connects employers in the patient services industry with the people looking for a job. But this is not just another jobs board, nor is it a temp agency or a training center. evaluates the available positions and categorizes the job seekers to help find the perfect pairing of employee skills and job requirements.

The service is affordable, too. People looking for work pay just $5.99/month to use and employers pay only when they have jobs to list.

The website is available for employers and interested parties from all industries working in the cannabis business space. People in the construction and repair industries, those offering or needing professional services in the financial and legal sectors, security firms and the like- all can find value in the service.    

Michigan has more than 260,000 registered medical marijuana patients. The new regulated MMFLA program will generate millions of dollars in revenue and taxes; thousands of employees in hundreds of different jobs are needed to make the system work properly.

The service is available starting January 1, 2018, and that's an important date. The MMFLA program began taking applications for new businesses on December 15th, but even before then some cities were closing down businesses in those five named industries. Even testing labs have had a hard time convincing local leaders to leave them alone!

Workers are looking for jobs now, not in a few months, and new business applicants are trying to fill key roles in their new operations before they receive approval from the state. The MMFLA is ushering in a new set of business owners, most of whom have not been involved in Michigan's cannabis economy prior to applying to the state. Those potential businesses have a need for qualified persons to fill their jobs but have no real way to connect with the displaced workers or those who are still employed and may be looking to upgrade their paycheck. the service helps people make those connections.

The service is based in Flint, and those people know all about the struggles of trying to find work in a tough job market. The state needs a strong cannabis business environment to help jump-start the economic recovery our citizens have long been waiting for. This service will help create a strong industry, and a strong state economy, which means more jobs and higher wages for all.

To match employers and job seekers the site has a quick set of questions that help categorize the skills a candidate offers, their education history and some basic background questions. People seeking jobs can sign up for the service without revealing their identity to the public, so anyone who is still employed can look for a job upgrade without fear that their current boss will find out.

Employers can sign up and browse the job seekers, too, looking to determine the depth of qualified persons available in Michigan. The MMFLA program allows out-of-state businesspersons to compete for the cannabis industry licenses; the service is ideal for those who want to check out Michigan's jobs market before or during their application's approval process. offers additional services, too, like background screening. Every employee in the MMFLA businesses will have their background evaluated for criminal history, including drug convictions or incarcerations. If you are not sure what pops up when the police search your history, it's best to do a criminal background check prior to applying for some jobs. Some industries will not require background checks, so even people with a sketchy history can still use the service to find work.

Another add-on service offered by is resume creation. In 2017 the pool of employees is easily divided into two groups: those with resumes and those without them. For some jobs it is just a necessity to be business professional when applying, and a polished resume makes a great first impression. 

To help potential employees figure out what industries they may fit into, and how the service works, the site has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section available for reading, free of charge. It's a great way for job seekers on a budget to find out if the new industry is right for them, and how the website's job matching service can help out.

The service is available for people of all backgrounds and education levels, from degreed persons looking to run a high-tech testing laboratory to a person whose expertise is all about measuring nutrients and troubleshooting hydroponic growing systems. has an interface which customizes questions asked based on the industry a candidate is interested in, and allows employers to streamline their online experience by eliminating workers who do not meet their job requirements.

Membership fees for can be paid directly through the website using PayPal or a credit card. It's easy!

At its core, is a Michigan company serving Michigan residents who are stuck in a problem unique to Michigan. The service is designed by people who have hired or been hired in the patient services industry. Their experience can be seen in the useability of the site, the affordability of the plans and the compassionate intent of the company's mission. is exactly what the state needs, when it needs it, for those all-important people who make up the medical marijuana program. 


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