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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Grow Tip for February 2018 - by Ben Horner

Deep Water Culture

There are many variations of the deep water culture
hydroponic systems used by indoor cannabis gardeners. My
favorite is the tote system.

     The first reason I favor this version of the DWC is the low cost, each tote can be produced for under seventy-five bucks. Secondly, the totes can be customizable for different sizes, each tote can hold anywhere from one to a dozen pots. Of course, the bigger plant limits the size verse amount of plants per tote ratio. Third, each tote is contained and has its own water culture, which compartmentalizes problems typically associated with hydroponics, such as pH and nutrient balance. Finally, the system is crazy easy; just about anyone can make these. If you can follow any basic food recipe and/or build a Lego Star Wars x-wing fighter using the provided instructions, then you can probably handle this.


• 30 Gallon Plastic Tote with Lid
• Timer (15 minute interval analogue)
• ¼ inch Black Plastic Tubing (15 inches per pot)
• ¼ inch Barbed Plastic T’s (1 for every 2 pots)
• 1 foot ½ inch Tubing
• ½ inch Barbed Plug
• ½ inch Ring Clamp
• 1 Water Pump 200-300gph Submersible Pump
• Net Pots
• Hydroton
• Label Stakes
• Air Pump
• Air Stone
• Twist Tie
• 3 Foot Air Line (1/4 inch standard) Nutrients


1. First step is to determine how many pots and what size you are going to use.
2. Use the tape measure and compass to map out your cuts in the lid.
3. Cut out pot hole using utility knife.
4. The next step is to assemble the irrigation system.
5. Attach ¼ inch hose to pump.
6. Insert plug and secure with clamp.
7. Make holes for T’s.
8. Insert T’s into pilot hole.
9. Attach ¼ inch hoses to the ends of the T’s.
10. Insert pump into the tote.
11. Drill pilot hole for hoses through the top of the lid.
12. Fill tote with 5 gallons of water.
13. Test the irrigation lines.
14. Add nutrients. Test the water.
15. Load plants into pots. Fill baskets with Hydroton.
16. Insert pots into the lid of the tote.
17. Secure water lines to the baskets, using the twist ties, ensuring that the water will be flowing close to the plant.
18. Attach air-line to pump, fish the line through the handle point on tote. Attach air stone.
19. Set timer. Connect pump and time and raise the power supply off the ground.

Tools Required:

• Drill & Drill Bits
• Utility Knife
• Compass
• Sharpie
• Tape Measure
• Scissors

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