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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Patient Robbed By Thugs!

Imagine taking your dog out for a walk and having an AK-47 shoved in your face.  Three local growers went through this very nightmare in the last month.  “Big Mike” found himself zip-tied, duct-taped and gagged to his basement post, while three masked gunmen not only ransacked his house, but took his entire stock.  They destroyed the entire grow room; busted the bulbs, ripped up the tents, knocked over the cloner, and ruined the ballasts – all gone.  “Big Mike” had just harvested a new crop and had five ounces worth already cured.  Based on that, he believes that the “rippers” scoped his pad ahead of time, and came when he was fully stocked. 

He tried reporting the incident to the police, but they simply laughed at him.  One officer told “Big Mike,” that the robbery was not their concern because he shouldn’t have been involved in the business.  They offered no help.

He then filed a claim with his State Farm home insurance. The insurance agency attempted to deny his claim because they say the equipment in his house was used for illegal activities.  Under contract law, an insurance company does not have to replace stolen items used for illegal enterprises.  “Big Mike” did not let the issue go.  Currently, he has filed a suit against the agency and is expected to receive some compensation, but it will take several months to resolve.

These incidents ought to remind us to be very wary that we are not followed or stalked.  “Big Mike” believes he was targeted at his favorite grow shop.  He remembered purchasing a large amount soil and equipment and filling his truck.  He has since altered all of his previous habits.  First, he no longer shops at his grow shop.  He now makes several smaller purchases and buys from a number of local stores.  He advised that growers pay for all equipment in cash; give no one your name, address, or email.  He now takes the long way home; changes roads, drives a different route, and always check the rearview mirror for familiar cars.   Above all, he says, secure your home.  Investing in surveillance cameras, motion lighting, as well as, an alarm system will go along way to keep “rippers” at bay.  However, a couple of bats and a handgun work wonders too. Remember, just because your paranoid doesn’t mean no one is after you.

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