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Friday, June 29, 2012


15 oz. of medical grade marijuana (preferably strains that are high in CBD)
7 liters Isopropyl alcohol 99% pure (solvent)
10 ml of purified water

2 Large mixing pans/buckets
Mashing stick
Two rice cookers
Pair of oven mitts
Hot plate (coffeemaker will work)
Heavy gage small stainless saucepan or glassware
Heat tempered Spatula
Oscillating fan
Large syringe (50-100cc)

1. Place marijuana in mixing pan with 4 liters of Isopropyl alcohol and mix with mashing stick for 10 minutes.
2. Using the cheesecloth strain the liquid. Hold the cheesecloth containing the herb and squeeze the liquid out. 
3. Poor the marijuana back into the mixing pan and repeat steps 1 and 2 using the remaining 3 liters of isopropyl alcohol.
4. Combine all of the liquid and restrain it into the rice cookers.
5. Prepare the rice cookers to be turned on. Be sure to cook down outside or with an exhaust system. WARNING! The fumes are EXTREMLEY FLAMMABLE. Make sure there are no open flames, sparks or elements that could ignite the fumes. DO NOT BREATH IN THE FUMES!
6. Turn on the cookers making sure the fan is blowing off the fumes into open air. Combine the liquid into one cooker when the solution is reduced by half.
7. When the last of the solution is down to two inches add the purified water, and continue to cook down.
 8. Using the oven mitts, pick up the cooker and swirl the liquid every few minutes until the cooker clicks to its low warm setting.
9. Transfer the remaining oil into the small stainless steel or glassware saucepan. Place the pan on the hot plate of coffee maker. Continue to let the water evaporate until the oil stops bubbling.
10. Using the syringe draw the oil up out of the pan. When the oil cools it will have the consistency between thick and waxy, to loose and oily. 

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  1. Isopropyl alcohol is poison. Grain alcohol is a better choice.