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Monday, October 1, 2012

Renee Wolfe Tribute by Ed Gorski

The marijuana movement suffered a severe blow on Sept 11th at 4:20pm as Renee Wolfe passed onto the other side. Renee was not only a great activist herself, but she inspired others to become activists. I first met Renee at the first MMM Report conference in Ann Arbor a couple years ago. She treated me as if I were her best friend and had been for years. This was Renee Wolfe. She greeted everyone with a “Hello Beautiful” and made everyone she talked with feel special. I had the privilege of interviewing Renee and really got an insight into her amazing mind. She suffered much heartache throughout her life including being diagnosed with MS, losing custody of her son, and being arrested for smoking a joint in front of a police officer but always came out stronger. “You do what you have to do” she told me.
Renee used marijuana for over thirty years and sometimes referred to herself as “Grandma Marijuana”. Over this time she made many friends and overwhelming sadness was felt as word of her death spread throughout our community. A heartfelt movement was shared at the Unity Rally in Lansing as some of Renee’s closest friends took the Capitol steps and mourned for our fallen hero. Renee was no stranger at the Capitol, as she spent countless hours talking to lawmakers trying to convince them of the medicinal benefits of marijuana. She played a key role in the passing of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and was first in line to receive her card.
A memorial was held at the Clarion Hotel in Ann Arbor and Renee’s influence was apparent as the conference room was packed to capacity with people whose life Renee had touched. The standing room only crowed mourned as Renee’s friends and family told stories and shared fond memories. Although Renee has passed, her spirit carries on in each and everyone she has touched.
RENEE EMRY WOLFE May 3, 1960 – September 11, 2012


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