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Monday, October 1, 2012

Vote Green Initative Project Oct. by Ben Horner

Vote Green Initative Project

By Ben Horner

On November 6th, I urge all readers to vote in the presidential elections. The VGIP and the MMM Report magazine officially endorses Barak Obama for re-election, over challenger Mitt Romney. In the years after the now infamous Ogden memo, medical marijuana has flourished in a growing number of states across the nation. In this memo the federal government determines to stand down and not interfere with state medical marijuana programs, assuming that they follow all the rules and stay within compliance.
There have been exceptions and there has been an increase in federal raids involving grows and dispensing operations that reach certain scales. This noninterference mentality from the current administration has been a key.  Large operations invariably violate provisions listed in the do not do list of the Ogden memo. 
In contrast, Mitt Romney has been openly critical of medical marijuana and has said publically that he will fight marijuana legalization “Tooth and Nail!” Third party candidate Gary Johnson has the best platform for marijuana reforms, but he has little chance of winning. Obama is the most practical at this time.
            In the State of Michigan, sheriffs, prosecutors and the House of Representatives are all up for election. The VGIP is working on several projects this October, including reaching out to these candidates. The goal is to share this information via the next issue of the magazine and with social media.
            I have worked hard this year to form the Coalition for a Safer Flint. Together with Charles Schneider III, Brian Morrissey, Jerry Haynes, Brenda Davis and the political masterminding of Tim Beck and Chris Chiles, we managed to place a question on the ballot in the city of Flint. The amendment is to accept persons of at least 19 years in age using or possessing less than 1 ounce of marihuana on private property. Similar ballot initiatives in Detroit, Ypsilanti, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids stand to rock the public’s consciousness and take us another step towards an end to prohibition of cannabis.
            Please consider helping us with some of our VGIP meetings in October. Below are some functions that we could use your help with. We often provide meals and transportation money for volunteers. Please call Brenda at 810.820.8953.
October 15,16, 17 Lobbying volunteer work.
Please contact us to learn more 810.820.8953

October 18th Flint Public Library, Coalition for a safer Flint
1026 E Kersey St, Flint

October 28th Clarion Hotel in Ann Arbor, MMMA Stakeholders Meeting
2900 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor

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