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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Inside Thoughts

Curtis Kile

By: Adam Brook 

A few news tid bits:

Professional pot farmers run an estimated 2,000 to 4,000 operations that grow marijuana legally. According to an industry publication, the legal pot farming industry raked in total sales of more than.Sl.2 billion in 2012.

A national chain of marijuana stores is "in the works," said Brad Tuttle at Former Microsoft manager Jamen Shivley says he plans to import marijuana from Mexico and create "the first national retail brand focused on selling medical-use and adult-use (recreational) cannabis." Shivley said he is working on acquiring several professional cannabis dispensaries, and has named his business Diego Pellicer after his great-grandfather, a hemp magnate. Instead of young marijuana smokers, Shivley hopes to draw in an older crowd. "We're focused on Baby Boomers - basically wealthy Baby Boomers,'' he told a TV station in Seattle, with former Mexican President Vicente Fox at his side. "It's a $100 billion industry in search of a brand. Never in the history of capitalism - forget America, in the world - has such a giant vacuum existed."

How times change, said Nick Gillespie. While in high school, Barack Obama was a proud member of "a pot-smoking, party-hearty crew that called itself "the Choom Gang.” He was famed for his "interceptions," snatching a joint that was making the rounds, shouting "intercepted!'' and taking a big toke. As president, Obama has continued this "habit of bogarting other people's joints," turning himself into a hard-core drug warrior. He's directed the federal government to crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries, even though they're legal in 19 states, and continued the futile practice of sending billions of dollars to wage war on drug producers in Mexico, Latin America and Asia. This war has been a disaster, failing to stop the flow of drugs, while filling our prisons with young, non-violent offenders. As a younger politician, Obama recognized the futility of prohibition, saying as a Senate candidate in 2004 that the U.S. should "rethink" the drug war. But on his way up the ladder, Obama turned his back on civil liberties, and adopted a drug policy that's indistinguishable or worse" than George W. Bush's. Mr. Choom Gang has become Mr. Hypocrite.
I would like to give big KUDOS to Curtis Kile, from UNITED MARIJUANA SMOKERS of MICHIGAN (UMSOM), on his adventure from Michigan to the gates of The White House. Sitting in his motorized wheelchair and braving the elements for such a trip needs to be recognized. While meeting with the President may have been farfetched, I know that the education he was able to pass on along his journey is his real success. I would encourage you all to go to and join what I consider our UNION. One thing that I am not sure Curtis was aware of while in Washington D.C. on the 4th of July is that the flag that was flying over the Capitol that day was made of HEMP. NO SHIT! I was shocked when watching FOX NEWS they had a story about this special flag. They even covered the history of Betsy Ross and her 1st American flag made from hemp. Where was the "liberal" media on this one? I watch a ton of news and no one else covered this story.
Another story I came across is the one of Edwin Schmieding of Lenawee County. I am not really sure how to get my feelings about his case across without sounding bitter or angry. Mr. Schmieding (who I would consider a hero) was growing 8000 plants. YES, 8000! The county turned the case over to the Feds, who took Mr. Schmieding to trial. The assistant U.S. Attorney requested prison time. The Judge, Bernard Friedman said he deserved a break and sentenced him to 2 years’ probation. When I heard this I went through the roof. Here I sit in prison for 2 years, on what basically is a bunch of trumped up crap, and a guy who has 8000, again 8000, plants gets probation. We both suffer from cancer; I also could get many handwritten letters from supporters who would describe me as modest, selfless and helping of others. However unfair I feel the system is, I truly am happy for Mr. Schmieding. No one should go to prison for ANYTHING related to marijuana, unless maybe theft. You steal a man's weed and they can lock you up for life in my book.
By time you folks see this, the campaign will be over, but I thought it was still worth mentioning. Shout out to Donnie the Prophet and his $2 bill campaign. When I heard about this campaign the first thing it did is remind me of back in the 90's when my friend Thorn Harris, of Ann Arbor, was given credit for starting the campaign of writing "I GREW HEMP" on $1 bills. HIGH TIMES even did a cover of George Washington with the speech bubble saying ''I GREW HEMP'' creation of rubber stamps (which to this day I still sell) that could be used to stamp both $1 & $2 bills. The problem with $2 bills {and this is not to belittle Donnie's campaign) is that people pull them out of circulation and collect them. $1 bills that are stamped will stay in circulation for years. I have watched many of them over the years via a cool website, check it out • • • • •
12 more weeks and then I am out of this shithole!
As a registered card holder I will be interviewing prospective caregivers. If you are interested in an appointment please leave your name and number at 313-999-0329.
Adam Brook

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