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Friday, August 9, 2013

VGIP- Medical Marijuana Conference and Local Initiatives

By: Ben Horner 

By the time this has been printed, petitions for Jackson, Ferndale and Lansing to decriminalize possession of an ounce of marijuana for adults on private property will be turned into the appropriate municipalities. Barring any legal challenges, the question will be placed on the corresponding ballots in this upcoming November election. There are some notable local leaders that have helped make this happen.

Steve Sharpe from Jackson Michigan, Andrew Cissel from Ferndale, and Jeff Hank and Ryan Bassore from Lansing are the newest in a growing list of leaders that have made it their personal mission to see these campaigns become a success. Mentored by Tim Beck and Chuck Ream, these proud gentlemen are excising the basic right provided by the Michigan constitution to reform our laws via peoples imitative. Special thanks are given to MI Norml for a generous donation to help with the funding of Jackson and Lansing.

Are you on the bus? Brad Forester from MI Norml, is preparing for the second annual MINorml Mackinac Bridge walk on September 2nd.   The walk starts on the North side of the bridge at 6am, and ends on the South Side of the bridge with a complimentary brunch. For more information contact Brad Forester at

Coming up on the third weekend in August will be our 5th Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference at the Clarion Hotel in Ann Arbor. If you can’t make that one come to our 6th Conference in Traverse city in September. Grow classes, Caregiver Cup competition, MMJ doctor certifications and a variety of vendors are the attraction. The event is free to attend and is a great way to catch up with folks in the industry. The event will include the following and much, much more:

5th Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference 
August 23,24,25
Clarion Hotel 
2900 Jackson Ave
Ann Arbor MI 48103

Guest Speakers
Dr. Detroit Mike Whitty
House Rep Mike Callton
Robin Schneider
Captain Kirk

Grow Classes (Saturday)
10am Simple Growing Solutions Part 1 (Clarence Charest)
11am Organic Growing (Rick Weller)
12:30 Scrogging- Grow 14 to 17 ounce plants your first time (Wayne Gregory)
1:20 Soil Amendments- Worm Castings (Tommy Szot)
2:30 Simple Growing Solutions Part 2 (Clarence Charest)
3:30 Cultivating Indigenous Microorganisms (Wayne Gregory)
4:30 Ask the Experts (All Instructors)

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