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Monday, September 30, 2013

FREE BREE: State officials remove 7 month old Bree Green from her home.

By Charmie Gholson

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act was passed with overwhelming support in 2008. Specific protections were written into that voter-initiated law to protect families from removing children from the homes of caregivers and patients who register with the State.

Five years after the enactment of our law, Michigan Child Protective Services  (CPS) continues to unjustly remove children from the homes of state sanctioned medical marijuana patients and caregivers.
 These caregivers and patients, who are technically disabled, have followed the rules. They obtained a qualifying recommendation from their doctor, paid the assigned fees and worked to navigate the bureaucracy of the undermanaged and overwhelmed Medical Marihuana Program.

They thought their compliance with the Act, their relationship with their doctor and their card issued from the state would keep them safe from police encounters.

That is not the case. Despite the protections provided in the Act, the State is still removing children from the homes of card carrying caregivers and patients. These are good parents, loving, fierce parents who participate in the MMJ program and trusted the state to protect them.

On Friday, September 6th, an Ingham county family court removed 7 month-old Bree Green from her loving parents, despite their status as state-sanctioned medical marijuana patients and caregivers.  A re-hearing Friday, Sept. 20 resulted in Judge Garcia reaffirming the decision to remove Bree from her parents custody, based on CPS workers asserting that marijuana was being smoked in the home. The Judge also partially based his decision on his belief that any home where medical marijuana was present is vulnerable to armed robbers, putting the children in immediate danger.

At the September 20 review, Judge Garcia ordered Steve to be examined by a board certified neurologist. He questioned whether Steve actually has seizure,s and if he does he wants to an opinion regarding whether marijuana would be an appropriate treatment.

Steve Green says he’s had over 300 grand mal seizures, and that concentrated cannabis oil stopped them completely for two years. Trying medical marijuana was a last ditch effort to find something, anything at all that would stop these life threatening seizures. Steve had been swallowing handfuls of anti-epileptic anti-convulsion pills every day without completely relieving his symptoms.

This is just one of many, widespread incidents throughout Michigan involving CPS agencies that disregard the clearly written protections provided in the Act. Michigan Moms United calls on the State to immediately return Bree Green to the custody of her parents, to acknowledge and adhere to the Michigan medical Marijuana act, and stop removing children from the homes of patients and caregivers.

A 2011 study published in the July 25 2011 online edition of the Journal of Pediatrics found that children living in drug-producing homes may not be exposed to the alarming health risk widely believed to exist. The researchers found the majority of children removed from these homes were healthy and drug free.

The Greens, who head up The Human Solution Michigan Chapter, have requested a jury trail, which begins October 9th at 8:30am at 303 W. Kalamazoo St, Lansing, MI.  You can donate to their defense fund at

Charmie Gholson is the founder of Michigan Moms United. You may email her at

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