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Monday, September 30, 2013

VGIP- Up Coming Elections, Cannabis Camp and Michigan’s State of Flux

By Ben Horner

This November, voters in Lansing, Ferndale and Jackson will decide on removing penalties for possession or transfer of an ounce or less of marijuana, despite numerous attacks from state and local authorities.

In Ferndale, Andrew Cissel successfully turned in the needed signatures to place the question on this Novembers’ ballot. Shortly after doing so an investigation was opened on Mr. Cissel. After a few short weeks the investigation led to multiple raids on Andrew’s home and growing areas.  Andrew was arrested and now faces criminal marijuana charges in Oakland County courts. During the investigation evidence was gathered that may indicate that Andrew was not residing at the address were he used as his place of residency when he signed the petitions. An election fraud investigation has been opened. Regardless, the question will be placed on the Ferndale ballot. Case law, Bogart vs. land, suggests that even if that were the case the results of the election cannot to disqualified on this basis. Andrew says that he plans on continuing to see the campaign through and believes that the raids and the allegations of voter fraud are political in nature. I am proud to support Andrew Cissel, and he deserves our admiration and support.

In Lansing, both the Governor and the Attorney General have come out against the petition claiming that it is invalid because it conflicts with state law. 

In Northern Michigan, caregivers and patients enjoyed several weekends of Cannabis Camp up at the white Birch Canoe Camp, which is just west of Houghton Lake.  In memory of Super Activist Rene Wolf, folks raised money for her family and donated medicine for cancer patients. Uncle Pete and Les Older always makes everyone feel welcome. The music, nature and great people made for a great retreat for a city dweller like myself. If you have never been to one of these camps I, highly recommend going to one next year.

The Michigan Cannabis Industry Stakeholders meetings have began to gain momentum. Numerous MMJ businesses, organizations and individuals with a vested interest in MMJ have joined in the discussion. The focus of this group, which has no defined leadership, is to bring MMJ stakeholders from Michigan together to find common solutions to the challenges of this new emerging industry. All are welcome to participate.

If you are interested in participating in a local petition drive for next year in your community or becoming part of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Stakeholders meetings, please reach out. Call (810) 820-8953 for morfe info 

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