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Monday, March 3, 2014

Grand Rapids Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference

by Ben Horner

MMM Report proudly presents the Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference this month to be held just outside of Grand Rapids. This will be our seventh such event held in Michigan. Just like our events of the past, there will be education, medical certifications, Caregiver awards and vendors with a cornucopia of industry related products. 

Are you a grower or glass blower?
At our last event in Traverse City we sampled over a hundred entrees in the Medical Marijuana Green Cup. This year we hope to see even more records for potency. Michigan’s most advanced testing company Iron Labs will test all entrees. Then our judge’s gage, flavor, aroma and Caregivers entering the cup will have the opportunity to meet and try everyone’s product. This year we will also have a glass blowers competition, supporting local Michigan artists. 

The Howard Johnson is the first hotel chain to offer medical marijuana friendly rooms for patients. This will be the perfect place for people to lodge for the event and go to medicate. 

Friday March 21st: 4:20pm-8pm
Saturday the 22nd: 10am-8pm
Sunday the 23rd: 10am-4:20pm

28th Street Showplace
1256 28th street SW, Wyoming

Thomas Levine- Cannabis Council

Bill Zaagman- GCSI
Chelsea Shaker-CSG

John Sinclair
Adam Brook
Captain Kirk
Dr. Beth Fisher 

Rick Weller – Advanced Organic Growing and Climate Change
Jim Kostrava- Organibliss 
Wayne Gregory- Hydroponics 
John Ujlaky- Horizon Hydroponics
Intro to Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening
Grow Room Construction, Pest Control and Nutrients

Get Legal, Get Educated, Get Growing, and Get Medicated at the 7th Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference.  Vending opportunities are still available and if you have any questions on entering a strain for the cup or a piece for the glass blowers competition, please call: 810-820-8953  

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