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Friday, May 30, 2014


In every part of Michigan, voters in cities big and small, rich and poor, 
Republican and Democrat, are going to be given a voice on Nov. 4, 
a chance to vote on cannabis law reform. 
     This can happen only because local superheroes all over our great state have stood up to carry the torch for truth and justice regarding cannabis. They are saying “We’ve had it; it has to stop!” This is hard and brave work, and somebody has to do it.  We salute the local cannabis advocates who are righteous enough to get the job done. Michigan is a leader in “grass roots” cannabis activism, and MMMReport is part of it.

     Some cities will be voting on a “legalization” initiative, which orders that any local marijuana law enforcement “shall not apply to individuals who possess an ounce or less of marijuana, on private property, and have attained the age of 21 years.”

     Some cities will be voting on the “Ann Arbor/Grand Rapids model”, which has only small civil fines, like a traffic ticket, for possession of marijuana. Utica will be voting to make cannabis law enforcement the “lowest law enforcement priority" of its police.

    All marijuana prisoners must be immediately freed from jail, all criminal records wiped clean, and the democratically rendered verdict of voters must be respected. 

    Cannabis prohibition must fall fast, like the Berlin Wall. Cannabis prohibition is “domestic terrorism”, and must stop. Consciousness is the great human rights issue of our time, and the key to a decent future for humanity! Without freedom of consciousness no other freedom has meaning.

Our Safer Michigan Coalition knows that the best defense is a good offense.

     The hard part, signature gathering, separates the real activist from the pretender. It takes real guts and true heroism to stand on the street with a clipboard and do the most important job. Everything depends on valid signatures; nothing happens without them. Many people think they can do it, many make big promises, and few turn in finished sheets. It’s the toughest and most critical job. Usually we have to pay people to do it, which is too bad in a movement of our size (when they take our houses and babies and all). It is inspiring this year to see how many local activists are on the street getting their own signatures, BUT WE ARE STILL IN DESPERATE NEED OF CASH IF WE ARE GOING TO INCLUDE THE LARGER CITIES OF SAGINAW AND EAST LANSING!

    All Michigan campaigns other than Marquette are assisted by the Safer Michigan Coalition (led by Tim Beck, Chuck Ream, Justin Soffa, and Ben Horner). Chuck has registered the Safer Michigan Coalition as a statewide PAC…you can help out right now by writing a check to the Safer Michigan Coalition for the united campaigns of 2014, and mailing it to Safer Michigan Coalition,  P.O. Box 3562, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106-3562. Do it!

     We will win all of our contests in 2014, and go on to legalization in 2016, but only if we have money. We need to win them all! All signatures have to be finished before August 6.

Reefer Madness has crashed and it’s burning, 
our local initiatives help to hasten the end 
of this anti-American inquisition. 
Cannabis enlightenment is cutting through the fog; 
but an American is still 
arrested every 40 seconds 
for marijuana. 
Our people are still 
brutally treated. 

Please come to the
Thursday, June 5th | 7:30 - 9:30 PM | Cost: $50  
Dominickís in Ann Arbor - 812 Monroe St. 
(Where the Monroe Street Fair happens on Hash Bash Day) 

FEATURING: Auction of Marijuana Memorabilia (and other items) 
Conducted by Matt Abel, head of Michigan NORML and Cannabis Counsel 
- worldís greatest cannabis auctioneer!

And, the new Vote Green 2014 t shirt with the name of all 2014 cities on the back, 
will be available for sale for $20.  (FREE with contributions of $50 or more)

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