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Friday, June 13, 2014

Medicinal Cannabis: Nod, Nod – Wink, Wink by James E. Kostrava

     Let’s face it.  We still have a long way to go before Medicinal Cannabis will be accepted as the life-changing, miracle medicine that it is.  This is due to a number of factors including generations of intentional misinformation presented by powerful business and political interests and perceived “misuse” of the plant for recreational purposes.  Not until 2014 has medicinal cannabis become recognized for its wonderful healing properties.

orld renowned scientific experts, such as Dr. Sanja Gupta, M.D. and Dr. Oz, M.D., have boldly [and humbly] done a 180 degree change in their positions on the use of it and its many benefits.  Dr. Sanja Gupta, M.D. is CNN’s Chief Science Officer.  In his two CNN specials: Weed and Weed 2 he has done more than anyone else to provide solid research and information to make the case for medicinal cannabis as medicine.  It would be hard for anyone to watch either of these two specials and not have tears come to their eyes when they see little five-year-old Charlotte Figi, suffering from “Dravet syndrome” a form of epilepsy, reduce her daily epileptic seizures from more than 300 a day to one a day after being treated with “Rick Simpson Oil” made from cannabis by the Stanley brothers of Colorado.

    We can leave the philosophical debate about the recreational use of cannabis for another day.  But aren’t we finally to the point where we can refer to medicinal cannabis as medicine without getting a skeptical smirk or the “Nod, nod – wink, wink” reaction that says, “who are you kidding”?

    This year I met a 17 year old girl in Taylor, Michigan who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at age 14.  Some of the top Oncologists and Brain Surgeons in the world, at the University Of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbors told her that she was terminal.  There was nothing they could do for her – other than keep her comfortable while she went through her hospice stage.  After going through a series of radiation treatments and daily doses of “Rick Simpson Oil” made from cannabis, doctors were able to remove tumors at the base of her brain, saving her life.  She is now cancer free.  She was one of the featured speakers at the Michigan Medical Marijuana Trade Show in Taylor, Michigan in March of 2014. 

    I spoke with her briefly after her presentation and it is hard to express how that experience ratcheted up my passion for medicinal cannabis.  She asked me, “Why in the world would I be making any of this up? Would you like me to show you my scar?”  [Actually, I had already seen her scar in the PowerPoint presentation she used to tell her story.].

     The Organibliss Team takes great pride in playing an important role in the production of the highest grade, pure medicinal cannabis. Organibliss™ is an all natural, organic, OMRI Listed [Organic Materials Review Institute] plant growth enhancer.  It contains no harmful ingredients such as the heavy metals often found in synthetic plant growth enhancers and pesticides.

    In the CNN special Weed 2 they quoted the Journal of Toxicology who wrote that they found levels of Pesticide Residue in medicinal cannabis as high as 69.5%.  We pride ourselves on the fact that fruits, vegetables, and medicines grown with Organibliss™ have no pesticide residue.

James E. Kostrava, is CEO & Founder of Organibliss, LLC.  
They distribute an all natural plant growth enhancer [fertilizer] 
called Organibliss™ that controls harmful pests such as spider mites; 
controls plant diseases such as Powdery Mildew; 
and significantly increases the yield [average of 30 – 50%].  
He can be reached at (989) 839-2342 or email:

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