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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Dog Blog: Magazine Style - by Abbey Hernandez

    My name is Abbey, I am a pet lover through and through. Throughout my childhood I grew up with a couple different canine companions and could not imagine life without one.  I recently moved back to Michigan to help expand our family business. My company offers cannabis based dog treats that help improve ANY problem, pain, or discomfort that your canine companion may endure. The treats do NOT cure the diagnosis; however, they drastically reverse symptoms and help improve their overall way of life. We’ve seen dogs pass kidney stones, stop having seizures, and become “puppy like” after old age and arthritis in the short six months we’ve been offering treats to canine patients!

    Our first featured canine for the MMM’s newest addition “The DOG Blog, magazine style” is ESPN! MEET ESPN! He is a 10 year old boxer, the eldest of our family. He has been on steroids since birth.  Although ESPN has lived a long, happy, life, things were not always easy for him! His tail was cut too short at birth and he cannot fully sit down. He has major allergies to the outdoors and has recently developed tumors with old age. ESPN medicates twice a day and his way of life has drastically improved! 

    ESPN was born in 2004, when I was beginning college. I played college softball and he was our mascot! He was at EVERY game and had lots of attention from our training room, athletic staff, and my fellow athletes. Unfortunately, as my college years progressed, I could no longer keep ESPN with my living situation. I was fortunate enough that my parents took him in and gave him the best life any canine could ask for!

     We started noticing serious trouble around his first birthday. ESPN was diagnosed with severe allergies, he would itch and scratch at his skin until his coat was nearly gone. He constantly had dry skin and would bleed on a daily basis. With countless vet visits, specialists, and three different antibiotic regiments (at approx. $500/month) nothing seemed to be working! After 2 years of trying every medication, the vet decided the only way to get his skin condition was under control was with steroids. Unfortunately, steroids often cut an animals’ life span in half! Running out of options, we agreed to the steroid treatment and hoped for the best! 

     After 5 years, the steroids kept ESPN’s allergies under control; however, they created multiple breathing problems. Once Michigan passed the law in ’08, we decided  ‘if cannabis helps humans, why can’t it help canines?!?’  We took natural, organic treats, along with medication, and created a new way of life for ESPN. Now we want to share our success with you!

    ESPN medicates twice a day. He gets a whole treat in the morning and half at night. It helps his arthritis and makes him happy every day. The treats increase his appetite and help keep him active and in shape. 

    Similar to humans, canines have a different tolerance to medication based on weight, breed, and exposure. We ask that you please be a responsible pet owner and do NOT over medicate your canine! We are looking forward to your submissions and meeting you and your canine companion!!

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