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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It’s Not About the Money, It’s About the Cure - by Alex Hinson

      The Cannabis Cancer Project, a Michigan based group that promotes the Rick Simpson mission to bringing this miraculous God given cannabis oil to the people of this world to stop the growth of cancer. Through education on growing for patients and the collaboration of help to create R.S.O available, numerous terminal cancer patients have been given not only more time at life, but also hope for the future. Doug, a patient of the Cannabis Cancer Project, is a direct product of what can happen with the help of a plant oil to see his first grandchild someday. 

     Doug is a cancer patient from the Cannabis Cancer Project who sought out something to help his terminal cancer.  “It was something I wanted to try before I ruled it out. Then it was one of the dispensaries that pointed me toward these guys (Cannabis Cancer Project). They said you would never be able to afford to treat your cancer by purchasing it retail. I had been buying inadequate doses really just to get some of it in my system. I think it did make a difference. But now, I have been on the real protocol for the real dose of around a gram a day. I try to take a maintenance dose but we don’t always have it,” said Doug. 

     The Cannabis Cancer Project started in 2009 with collaboration between John Roberts, Gersh Avery, and Monkey Paw.  Avery, the creator of Peanut Butter Topical Oil, and Roberts started working with a brain cancer patient. Roberts said, “I would donate an ounce a month. But we are no longer talking in ounces, we are talking in pounds”. 

     “Then we had patients coming at us, a 16-year breast cancer patient, then we had a 5-year-old come that had brain cancer and could not sleep through the night. After taking that first dose of R.S.O, the child was able to sleep 11 hours that first night. Every night after that she slept 8-10 hours, her autistic behavior disappeared, she became more extroverted, and her appetite increased. She became a normal child. That fall she went to school. Then we got raided. ”

     “We have two goals in mind: 1. Beat Cancer and 2. Get people self-independent [growing and producing their own supply]. Because that is the only way I can see it happening successfully,” said Roberts.

     When it comes to the law, three raids have been some of the biggest set backs in the production to care for these patients.  “I thought the fact that I am on trial, the cops are now becoming terrorists. I was delusional by the fact we are having cancer go into remission and we have facts to prove it, that after we had laws passed we would be protected,” said Roberts. 

      “If a person was diagnosed with cancer does not automatically qualify under section 8 and the said provider of them is not under protection as well this law is totally useless. If that is the case, we are left with two alternatives, Doug is left with out medicine or we break the law and live, and like Doug I had to face that same scenario back in 2003. A lot of people don’t know I had to face cancer; I had to make a choice. I had hepatitis C.”

     Financially this has been a struggle for everyone. “I had a little bit of savings, but all that is gone since I started being treated medically” said Doug. 

     “The first raid they took all of my product and all my money. They took a few things of value as well, but left the plants afraid they would get sued. The second raid they took everything, product plants etc., as well as the third raid” said Roberts. “We are just growing organically in green houses now. There are 1001 ways to grow and most of them work.”

     “After the second raid the DEA told me to go have something constructive to do, I was pissed,” said Roberts. “When somebody robs you, you have to deal with these feeling. What better constructive way to do it but to help cancer patients? That’s the whole point; I want to tell the DEA to go find someone constructive to do. They do not know the impact. The last raid resulted in the death of a breast cancer patient.” 

     Patients like Doug rely on the production of Rick Simpson Oil to continue the treatment process. “If I don’t receive the oil I imagine my tumor will go back up again” said Doug. “I would not feel nearly as hopeful as I do not would feel kind of oppressed and sort of doomed. Whereas the state of things now, I feel hopeful. I get to now see my first grandbaby.” Like any grandparent should be able to do. 

     “I’m living in a tent. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice everything. I am an average Joe trying to do one simple thing,” said Roberts. As for the future of the Cannabis Cancer Project is gray for stock is running low from the last raids setbacks. Any form of donation is much appreciated.

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  1. I want to donate money, and I would also love to try this oil for both my Father and my Step Father who are both terminal and don't have much time left