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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ask Dr. Beth - with Dr. Beth Fisher

Hi Dr. Beth:

     My Canna is disintegrating!  I live in the country and purchase two ounces at a time from the closest dispensary every two or three months. After a month, my medicine is dry and crumbles to the touch. What do I do?


Crumbly Outside Cadillac

Dear Crumbly, 

     While dry Cannabis is easy to roll, quick to burn, and convenient to measure when cooking, it is harsh on the throat. When Cannabis is too dry, trichomes fall off which affects smell, taste, and THC levels. Personally, I like some moisture in my bud. It makes it easier to get the correct texture for a nice smoking experience and allows the flavors of the flower to emerge when engaged in culinary practices. 

     Let’s look at what you can use to keep optimal moisture levels with your Cannabis. Experts used to recommend everything from lettuce, celery, even cotton balls wrapped in foil with punched holes. But what is the perfect moisture range for Cannabis? The scientists at The Werc Shop (the ultimate testing facility) conducted a study on the optimal moisture range for Cannabis. Dr. Jeff Raber and his elite crew determined that the optimal range was between 59% and 63%. 

     Boveda, the company that funded this study, created a moisture pack specifically for Cannabis. At 62%, you won’t have to do the fruit and veggie trick any longer. Boveda Humidipak 62% is affordable, lasts for three months, has several sizes and packages, and no more, “Honey do we have any more celery?” 

     By keeping your Cannabis at this moisture rate, you are protecting your medicine, your throat, and your taste buds. Now you can use your produce for dinner!

Dear Dr. B:

I was told by my cousin that if I am a really a Cannabis patient I should only be smoking at home. Anything else is recreational. Is this true? I have read the law and understand where I can legally medicate. But what can I do to medicate and still not be a recluse?


Medicating Alone

Dear Medicating Alone,

     There are many ways you can medicate and still get out of the house. I make a quick and easy Cannabis tea and sip when needed. Here is my recipe: Boil two cups water.  While water is heating, take a nug and grind it. Take two tea bags. Empty the contents of one bag, fill with the ground Cannabis, then staple the bag closed (or use a tea ball). Add the two cups boiling water to a pan. Add the tea bags and a teaspoon of butter or oil. Cover the cooking pot and steep for ten minutes. Add sweetener to taste. You now have tea to drink and won’t smell like smoke when you go out. (Yes, you can reuse the Cannabis tea bag a few times.) 

     My radio co-host and co-founder of HempWorks Charity UK, Steve Danks, sings the praises of Cannabis tea. He uses torn fresh leaves, steeping hot water, and a bit of coconut oil to make his daily drink. Another incredible option is juicing. Use a juice extractor and pour juice into ice cube trays and freeze. When needed, place Cannabis cubes in a glass and serve with fruit juice, tea, or water. Sip and enjoy! 

     The bigger question is when and where are you comfortable medicating? Why are you letting your cousin tell you what is or isn’t regarding Cannabis? These are questions we face as patients. Take some time to decide for yourself. Medicating in public doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a pipe, Cannabis, and a lighter. Figure out which ways works best for you in different settings. Good luck!

Dear Dr. Beth:

     Help me keep my plants healthy! Over the years, my fingers have begun to hurt when I have to grip for long periods, like mopping or sweeping. As you know, good growers keep their floors free of leaves and debris; it reduces the possibility of mites. But by the end of the night caring for my plants, my hands hurt and I am too tired to grab the broom and sweep. What can I do?

Giving you five,

Hurting Hands


Dear Hurting:

     Grabbing a broom at the end of a long night of gardening can be difficult with stiff fingers. But keeping a clean floor is critical to keep mites away. Concentrate on a two part cleaning here. During daily care, I use an inexpensive cotton nail apron to tuck extracted leaves. In this way, most of your leaves are taken out of the room. I use a five gallon bucket when removing leaves during staking and/or pruning to collect leaves (healthy green leaves and buds are kept for juicing). 

     Let’s modify your broom grip! Go to the hardware store and buy a three foot section of pipe insulation (with a circumference opening that fits around the broom handle comfortably). Slice the insulation lengthwise to cover the broom handle, open the insulation and place around the broom handle. If the grip slips or if you have other handles the grip will fit around, use Velcro straps to secure. Also make sure you have an easy to use shop strength dust pan to sweep up the leaves. These supports should help you keep your floors clean as possible. 

Dr. Beth Fisher is the Chief Creative Officer for Senior Medical Cannabis. Senior Medical Cannabis provides seniors with a wide range of information and supports relating to Cannabis; legal/legislative, medical,  political, and social issues. 

She is on the HempWorks radio show on Fridays at 2:00 p.m. on the Time4Hemp radio station:


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