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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Questions with The Captain - by Chelsea Shaker

     Captain Kirk is best known for his award winning Edibles. In 2011 he won the High Times Edibles Cup with a Key Lime Cheesecake; as well as the Michigan Edible Marijuana Cup of 2011 with his Sugar Free Buck Eye. In 2012, Kirk went to Seattle, Washington and competed in the High Times Cup for Edibles 2012 and won his second High Times Edible Trophy for his sugar free buck eyes and gingerbread cake truffles. Captain has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from East Central University of Oklahoma. He is also a certified teacher for Oaksterdam University, a member of the National NORML, and Americans for Safe Access. Below is a Q & A from the main man in medicated deliciousness.

CS: What inspired you to make marijuana-infused foods?

Captain: I was sitting up in the U of M hospital after an episode from Multiple Sclerosis. The doctors didn’t want to give me too much medicine while I was in the hosptial, since I had a lot of marijuana in my system. A buddy of mine, Doug Orton, stopped in to see me and brought in a medible for me to try, and it offered me great relief like nothing else before. This was back in 2008. It inspired me to make some things for myself and use the recipes I have and incorporate meds in the mix.

CS: What is your favorite medible to make?

Captain: That’s a toss-up between the Cheesecake and Jolly Hashers. The Cheesecake because everyone loves it and the jolly hashers because the hash gives different shapes every time I make it…. Kinda like clouds always look different. It’s fun.

CS: What is the golden rule in your opinion at achieving consistency in making medibles?

Captain: NEVER compromise on quality, tested meds. Quality over quantity, every time. That’s why I remain small-time, not a big company. It’s important to have all meds tested for not only potency, but for the presence of bugs, mold, mildew, and anything that can affect the person ingesting the meds.

CS: What conditions would you recommend using medibles for the most? ie: cancer, arthritis..?

Captain: For me, I’d say: Sleep disorders, anxiety, folks with cancer, Multiple Sclerosis. I think people use medibles over flower because a lot of people simply can’t smoke. The relief from medibles is longer and it’s a different relief than smoking. Patients just need to remember to GO LOW AND GO SLOW. Start with a low dosage of medible and sample different kinds. Gradually build up your tolerance and see which type of medible with certain strains infused works best for you.

CS: Congratulations on all of your success with medible awards across the country!! What is your secret to success?

Captain: Thank you! Basically, the same as described before with consistency. Remaining consistent is important. NEVER compromise. Remember this is for the medical use and patients’ safe ingestion is top priority. Quality meds or NO meds. Patients always come first, always.

CS: Do you believe there is a market for others to have success as medical marijuana infusers?

Captain: As long as they can follow the guidelines and maintain proper food handling, then yes, of course.

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