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Monday, December 8, 2014

9th MMM Conference: Raising Medical Marijuana Awareness -by MMM Staff

      Medical Marijuana has made lots of positive changes in people’s health, paving the way to legitimate alternative medicine. It is good to know that people have the option to choose which medicine they are putting in their body. It is great to be able to decide between harsh chemicals like pharmaceutical drugs & a naturally grown plant that you will be using as medication. Marijuana gives us the opportunity to maintain our body’s health & well-being. Our health is the most important thing we have to achieve success in anything that we do.
    It is a miracle that patients who suffer from Cancer, Epilepsy, Arthritis, Glaucoma, Chronic Pain, PTSD and other illnesses have finally found something that works without having the long-term harmful side effects. It is definitely a fix to the broken link in modern medicine that nurse practitioners and physicians have had trouble with for years. If you are suffering from any illnesses you think may qualify you for medicine, it is important to know that there are other options available other than pharmaceutical drugs. If you think that you may have post-traumatic stress disorder, you now have the option to see a therapist for the first chance of recovery. The therapist will be able to evaluate and diagnose you as to whether or not you have post-traumatic stress disorder. The Medical Marijuana Program is a great opportunity for patients who no longer want to use anti-depressants and barbiturates. These drugs are not a cure for this illness, but only an additional problem to a long term illness.
      Some cancer patients who have been treated with Medical Marijuana claim that they have been completely healed and have had no further issues. Patients with epilepsy have used Medical Marijuana and have completely stopped having any seizures at all. There have been reports of high blood pressure being regulated from high to normal and cancer of the blood tests coming back negative. Medical Marijuana does not delay the body’s natural healing process by chasing side effects, but by identifying the root cause of the illness. In the discovery of the endocannabinoid system (the system of molecules and receptors in the body where cannabis has its effect) some believe illness is actually an imbalance of these cannabinoids which cannabis is used as a  replacement therapy. If you know anyone suffering from a serious illness, please seek help for this person as their life could be at stake.
       Medical Marijuana is also a great alternative to using alcohol to treat pain and depression. Like pharmaceuticals, this is also just an additional problem to a long term illness. Nobody needs extra problems in their life, so jump on the band wagon and cure yourself today! Medical Marijuana has been thought of as a drug and has not been accepted by society completely. This herb would be able to help a lot more people if everyone was open and accepting to change. This change is for the better
of the people and the growth of Naturopathic and Modern Medicine. Could awareness be the key to the evolution of Medical Marijuana?
      Helping to raise awareness is one of the key aspects of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Conferences. These conferences are beneficial and crucial to maintaining the hype and positivity of our movement. Here at the MMM Report, we have dedicated ourselves to providing quality, resourceful conferences in Michigan for three years and running.
      Next year, the MMM Report is proud to present the 9th Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference. This conference will be held on the last weekend in February of 2015 at the 28th Street Showplace in Grand Rapids.
      These events have been known to draw thousands of people with the intentions of educating, informing, and networking with the Michigan Medical Marijuana community. It is our mission to provide patients and caregivers with the latest news and information regarding political and legal issues, growing tips and techniques, medication recommendations and different forms of ingestion, and much more. You can look forward to a weekend of guest speakers including: political panels, legal experts, growing gurus and industry veterans. As an added bonus, this next conference will feature on-site, indoor glass blowing. Be sure to come out to the conference for all three days.
       More information regarding the 9th MMM Conference can be found elsewhere in this issue, as well as online at

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