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Monday, December 22, 2014

Unified Collective Boasts More Flavors than Baskin Robin -by Ben Horner

     The quality and availability of medical grade cannabis in Michigan is increasing exponentially.

     The passing of dispensary legislation (AKA The Provisioning Center Bill) seems imminent. New hopeful Provisioning Centers, like the Unified Collective are changing the game with higher quality meds, larger varieties of strains and for a better price.

     Saif “Steve” Suleiman, the proprietor Unified Collective, knows first hand how medical marijuana can change your life. His mother suffers from autoimmune pancreatitis. Steve explains that his mother at first was very reserved about trying cannabis as a medicine, but when her symptoms became unbearable and her doctor gave the green light she decided to give it a try. Steve started treating her with very small doses of simpson oil, gradually increasing over time. Steve’s family was amazed by how much a difference his mother made. Being from a conservative Christian family made gaining acceptance difficult, but now more are coming forward and Steve is also treating his cousin successfully or seizures.
     Unified Collective is located on eight mile in Detroit and draws from a diverse pool of patients and caregivers. At the present time bud tenders are working with over fifty different strains of flower, dozens of edible varieties and the full spectrum of high potency concentrates. On the retail side there is everything a patient needs to aid in the ingestion of the medicine. Electronic vaporizers, hand-blown glass, oil rigs and fresh apparel can make someone extra happy on Christmas morning.
     Detroit now has thirty-eight dispensaries that have applied for a license in the city. More locations and healthy competition forces all of the dispensaries in Detroit to raise the bar. In the end patients reap the rewards of more choices and improved customer service. Unified Collective, with their knowledgeable and respectful staff demonstrates this concept. Unified Collective is Located at 201 W. 8 Mile in Detroit

“Beautiful high-potent buds, great prices and friendly staff,
one of my regular stops. Also love that they are open late.”
-Weedmaps Reviewer

“They have a huge selection of everything especially flower choices which is perfect for someone like me who needs to use specific strains. These guys go out of their way to be helpful and knowledgeable and really care about what their customer thinks.”
-Patient Testimonial

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