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Monday, February 16, 2015

A Few Thoughts... -by Drew Dorr

     Over the many years of my relationship with Mary Jane, one thing worthy of mention that I have observed is that her effects, more often than not, leave me feeling somewhat less than productive. In other words, sometimes it makes me feel like a lazy piece of shit, if I may. And although this may not always hold completely true, most of the time when one overstimulates their body with too much THC, laziness, hunger, confusion, absent-mindedness, fatigue, empty bank accounts from binging on Taco Bell and Budweiser, or any other potential “negative” (inconvenient, perhaps?) side effect of consuming cannabis, can be amplified to, at times, exponential degrees. And though the effects of cannabis may, at the right dosages, seem to sharpen and elevate the senses, it may be possible to experience the more “inconvenient” side effects of cannabis while being completely and wholly unaware as to their occurrence. 

      Marijuana is a miracle worker. It can help almost everyone (if not everyone) in some way, shape, or form. When used correctly, it can be the difference between night and day concerning ailments that may otherwise ruin your life. It can help relieve pain, ease the aches of cancer or chemo, relieve almost everything from head aches to heartburn to asthma; the list as expansive as it is impressive. Unfortunately, and although this plant was, for thousands of years before, and also not so long ago (any Google search done on the history of Hemp during the colonial era will reveal its long and storied relationship with these United States), there is prevails a right-wing-backed, and falsely perpetuated stigma regarding its legality and legitimacy. Due to this, and although many may not be, per se, against it, many still regard Marijuana with a sense of trepidation and uncertainty. Sure, they may not believe that the plant is as bad as has been said, but they’d be damned if they would be willing to risk their job, their tuition, or their social status to find out otherwise for themselves.

      Most employers test for the presence of marijuana, as well as many other substances, in the presence of their preexisting, or prospective employees. This is not restricted to states that have yet to embrace and legislate medicinal marihuana; even in our good state of Michigan, the possibility of being terminated or barred from a position of employment is a very real one. In essence, you may find yourself without a job due to someone else’s ignorance regarding the legitimacy of YOUR doctor prescribed medicine, in spite of you being well within the confines of your legal rights to use it. I have noticed, over the past few years in the marijuana industry, the looks and sneers I have received just for smelling like my garden, or for being overheard talking to a friend about some marijuana related topic. It seems that there will always exist some faction of the populace that regards marijuana with fear, incredulity, and ignorance, in spite of its thoroughly researched, and clinically proven medicinal value. There are those who actually look down on people who use marijuana, and even go so far as to regard them as something of a second-class citizen. They needn’t worry us, however, for anyone who has experienced cannabis’ medicinal benefits will understand that it is as multi-faceted as it is effective when it comes to medicinal value.

      Often times I find myself getting mad over stupid situations or things I can not change. One little dab of some of my concentrates and I’m happy as a sailor on a swell day at sea. Not only can marijuana help my pain and my stomach ulcers, which I manage to struggle with on occasion, but it also helps keep my anger in check. I am a very happy go lucky guy usually, but I do struggle with anger and anxiety. This is where marijuana helps me the most.

      There are people who say they tried marijuana once and experienced extreme paranoia, or that they saw the face of God and noticed that he had crumbs in his beard, or even that it gave them a slight headache and tasted bad, or whatever else. 

      Are there not hundreds of strains to choose from? Did they perhaps smoke the Brown Frown? Are there not indicas to help with pain and sativas to give you stamina? There are high CBD strains that don’t get you high at all. They simply aid in relieving pain, opening airways, and even eliminating the seizures experienced by those afflicted with epilepsy. The amount of ways marijuana is beneficial to people is mind blowing! Yet, it seems as though the majority is still always against us.

      Yes on occasion we can be pot heads or burn outs, and yes we can occasionally say “dude” or “yeah man” excessively. This does not mean that marijuana is a bad thing. Anyone who DABbles (get it?) in using marijuana can tell you that there are times you like to over consume and times you don’t like to consume at all. Sometimes you want to consume it before you do a task to make the job easier or more fun to accomplish, and sometimes that results in less motivation and increased procrastination. Sometimes, that is..

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