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Friday, March 13, 2015

Hand Held Vaping Improved -by Ben Horner

    Over the years we have seen many vaporizers come onto the market, but few that are very impressive. Many medical marijuana patients need smokeless alternatives. Edibles are great, but only vaping can deliver THC and the rest of the medicine in the plant as fast as smoking. 

    Very few hand held vaporizers have the juice to vape dried flower, and are designed to work with concentrates like an e-cigarette. Unfortunately many people in Michigan do not have access to consistent high quality extracts that are designed for vape pens. Today high-powered handhelds, like the V-Pure, are coming on the market and can handle straight bud with almost the same power that tabletop units provide.

    Vaporizers heat the plant material to the temperature needed to release the THC and other cannabaniods. Recently, Danielle (AKA Danni Danks) and I had the chance to work with the V-Pure and unlike many handhelds that claim to work with the dry flower, the V-Pure actually works. 

    Three different temperature settings allow you to control the vape for your personal preference.  One drawback to the V-Pure, it takes about 30 seconds to heat up, which requires some patience.  After the unit heated up, Danni Dank was able to pull thick clouds of smooth vapor, very impressive for a hand held.  Lounging around with Ninja kitty, sipping coffee and watching Danni Dank test the V-Pure made for a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

    Be careful when buying a vaporizer. Many don’t live up to their claims, but the V-Pure proves that hand held dry flower vapes can work as technology evolves giving patients more smokeless options. 


  1. Yes exactly. I like medical marijuana edibles as they serve both purposes, first it is tasty and second it provides relief fast than any other form.

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