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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

IDK FARMS Helping Patients, One Seed at a Time

    Growers looking to get award winning genetics need look no further than IDK Farms. IDK Farms is dedicated to providing the seeds needed to grow the top strains. They have won numerous awards for their work, including an award for best CBD flower at the High Times Cannabis Cup. High CBD strains are becoming increasingly important in the medical marijuana industry as the compound is full of medical benefits, yet does not cause the ‘high’ associated with high THC medication.

    The benefits of CBD and some of the lesser talked about cannabinoids are now beginning to become noticed in the mainstream. CBD has been known to help a veritable cornucopia of symptoms including nausea, suppression of seizure activity, it can help combat psychosis, is anti-inflammatory, and treats anxiety disorders as well as fighting tumor and cancer cells. Network news programs have shown the stories of children who suffer from various seizure disorders whose improvement with cannabis medicines is heralded as almost miraculous. With benefits such as these there is no doubt that good, strong CBD strains, such as those created by IDK Farms, are sorely needed.

     IDK Farms takes pride in knowing that their work is helping people that truly need the medication. Many patients with seizures or depression look for strains with certain THC/CBD ratios to achieve the ideal therapeutic effect. IDK is there for these people providing a service that some in the industry may overlook. While IDK Farms does provide plenty of choices with impressive potential THC levels, they are doing what some genetics companies don’t and also creating strains that run the gambit of THC/CBD ratios. They aren’t just looking to help people get high, they are looking to help people get well.
     There are many stores around Michigan that carry IDK Farms’ products. Halm’s Hydro in Kawkawlin, Muskegon County Provisioning Center in Norton Shores, Mr. Green Thumb of Bay City, Greenways in Beverton, Michigan Organic Solutions in Flint, and Natural Remedies in Gaylord just to name a few locations that stock from IDK Farms. The friendly people at IDK are also willing to give grow consultations, just schedule through email.

     We at the MMM Report are proud to feature IDK Farms’ Sugar x Chem ‘91 as May’s bud of the month. This company is truly dedicated to helping patients, and we commend them for their efforts in improving the lives of those within the medical marijuana community. IDK Farms is skillfully providing caregivers and patients with quality, consistent medication.


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