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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

MMM Report Feature Artist: Soul Patch - by Hemptress Jolene

    If you haven’t gotten yourself out to a Soul Patch show, you truly don’t know what you’re missing: sweet, sweet Reggae, that’s what!  Of course one should add that it doesn’t stop there, Soul Patch it seems holds a master in groves, playing everything from Motown to modern. Always adding their own spin on everything that they do, the current line up of this well seasoned band has been performing together since late in 2005.  Based out of Northern Michigan’s beautiful Traverse City, Soul Patch gifts their fans an amazing mix of awesome reggae, funk and jam.  This group offers everything from the tasteful covers of Sublime to Marely to Franti, as well as their own well crafted tunes.  They are not afraid to sing songs with purpose or improvise.  With two talented song writers filling their ranks, the writing well is not only deep but gifted with several perspectives.

     Soul patch is led by Chris Winklemann, affectionately called Wink by those who love him best.  It is his soulful acoustic guitar and vocals of love and positivity that are the heart of the band.  The skillful and superb drumming of Marc Aldermen are the pulse of that heart.  The sound of Soul Patch would not be complete without songwriter Adam Sleder on lead guitar, harmonica, and banjo, and Chris Belanger on the bass.  Filling out the sound you have Steve Berg on horns and TJ Firth on the keys.  It is all these elements combined that make Soul Patch worth seeing.  I think that when you do, you’ll agree that there is not much not to love about this band’s smooth reggae moves, fun funky jams, and mad grooves they bring the crowd. 

     Soul Patch admits,  they used to not even use a set list, they love to come into a gig, feel the crowd and play what they know will make them get up and move to the beat, however they have started to craft set lists so they will never play the same show twice.  Wink and the band are back in the studio now working on their next CD “Dirty Work” and having a great time doing it.  Having gotten to see Soul Patch at numerous Northern Michigan events, I can say that no matter the weather, they have always managed to give the people a good time. They bring positivity, and great vibe to every single set they play. Soul Patch can be seen at numerous events around the state.  You can catch them at Farmfest and all over Traverse City. To learn more about where to see Soul Patch this summer check out their band profile at:

 To book them for your event, email Wink at:

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