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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MMM Report Threatened with a Cease and Desist Notice - by Ben Horner

     In last month’s issue of the MMM Report we printed an article titled “Something is Just Not Right About the Raids in Gaylord” we covered the recent raids in Gaylord and the protest afterwards.

     The article stirred-up some controversy from the community, and I have received some death threats. I also received a threatening letter from a legal firm that represent Misty Cassel, Adam DeVaney, Mike Komorn, Robin Schneider and Drew Driver. The attorney stated that:

     “My clients want you to retract that article you wrote to the extent it expressly or impliedly defames them.  It is false.  For instance, none of them are ‘Informants’ and you know that is a very dangerous term to use.   None of them, at least to their knowledge, are on any type of witness or exhibit list you mention.  If they are, it is completely without their knowledge or consent. As I mentioned, provide the lists or retract the statement immediately.  You also identify some type of ‘grow’ for Mr. Driver.  Besides being completely false, it is like the statement about ‘Informants’, recklessly dangerous."

This is my response:

     The MMM Report and myself, Ben Horner officially retract the words in the MMM report June 2015 volume 5 issue 5 on page 67. There were several errors in the story.

1.  On Paragraph 3 “which included Otsego Prosecutor”, It was actually the Grand Traverse Prosecutor Cooney.

2.  0n paragraph 4 “Drew Driver closed his dispensary in Gaylord years ago. He currently operates a large warehouse grow behind his family’s electric store in Gaylord. He doesn’t distribute locally, but he works with dispensaries in Ann Arbor and Detroit.”

     Mr. Driver has disabused this. He has informed me that his grow was small and he didn’t ever do anything illegal, and that he was definitely not selling his meds in Detroit or Ann Arbor, regardless of what people in town may think. The caption should have read, “Local patients and caregivers of Gaylord stated that he currently operates a large warehouse grow behind his family’s electric store in Gaylord.”

3.  In the title caption located in the bottom right corner “BEWARE! Don’t Trust these informants:” this was a typo “It should have read, “BEWARE! Don’t Trust these Sources of Information.” All parties have been Public Sources for the Issue that they claim to represent: Medical Marijuana.

I have attached the proof that you requested.
(Available on the

     Since then, I have helped the people step up in Gaylord. I have reached out to Drew Driver to help his local medical marijuana patients and caregivers in Gaylord. He has declined my offer. Drew Driver has done many things positive for the community. He informed me that he is thinking about getting out of the industry altogether. I hope he doesn’t and joins the fight for patients and caregivers in Gaylord.

     As for the rest. Go ahead and sue me, I will counter-sue. I will depose you and your entire crew. I can just imagine what secrets will unearth then…. 

     In my opinion, Mike Komorn, Rick Thompson, Jamie Lowell are puppets for the greedy men that want to consume the Michigan Medical Marijuana Industry. Misty Cassel and Adam DeVany are just pawns that are motivated by removing their competition. I know first hand by working with Robin Schneider that although she may mean well at times, in my opinion, the power of money and politics has darkened her heart and she has turned to the dark side.

     Thank you for the First Amendment and also Larry Flint, who gave us Hustler Magazine! 

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